AMI training scheme to help tourism industry pivot to staging digital events

AMI training scheme to help tourism industry pivot to staging digital events

The Australian Marketing Institute (AMI) has delivered a bespoke training program to support the tourism industry in strengthening its ability to deliver digital events.

Last month, the AMI won a competitive bid to roll out the online, on-demand course to 120 participants from the Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia over two weeks.

Delivered between 4-20 May, the course enabled each participant to submit a virtual event marketing plan assessment, of which the top 12 were pitched to the Ministry and an Australian panel of experts.

The top six were awarded funding and will execute their events before 30 September.

How is the program run?

As part of the training program for the Ministry of Tourism & Creative Economy, a bespoke learning management platform was created, including course content, videos, content library, live sessions, chat rooms and mentor sessions.

The course can be tailored for all industries, resonating especially with the tourism sector, as organisations seek to build their teams’ digital events marketing capabilities.

Providing hands-on, practical experience, the program equips participants with the skills they need to plan, market and execute their own events.

The initiative is facilitated by industry-renowned organisations, including SalesForce, Zadro Communications and Forrester, who use real case studies to address the challenges the events and marketing industries are facing.

What do stakeholders have to say about the program?

Lynda Cavalera, AMI Chair, commented:

“It’s become more crucial than ever before for organisations to be armed with the capability to deliver digital events effectively. The COVID-19 situation means we’ve been catapulted into this realisation.

It’s a strategic way to maintain brand presence and continue to serve the public at a time where the ability to offer face-to-face interaction might not always be possible.”

The training offering was developed in line with AMI’s vision to help members keep up with the rapid pace of change in the world and demonstrate the influence marketing and events can have in elevating brands and organisations.

Cavalera continues:

“The win with the Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia was an incredible feat for us, particularly given the call-out was sent to providers globally.

We rose to the occasion commendably; our professional development team put together the course, developed a learning management system, delivered the training and managed the assessment in an amazingly short amount of time.

“We look forward to working side by side with more organisations and businesses to carefully consider their needs and help their teams master the art of marketing and events.”

Kusdiana Lusi Kartikasari, Policy Analyst at Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of Republic of Indonesia, commented: “The collaboration with AMI was a great opportunity to learn from experts in the international virtual event industry.

The 104 events professionals who participated in the program learned that virtual event management is possible, is a great option and can be an innovative solution during and after the COVID-19 outbreak.

“The participants’ new understanding was highlighted by the satisfactory results of their final assignments. Now, there are 104 virtual tourism events in Indonesia ready to take place.

May this be a trigger for all event workers in Indonesia to move forward and become stronger than before.”

To learn more about bespoke training options, visit here.

Organisations can express interest for a course coming soon about pivoting live events to digital here.