American Express Travel publishes the 2023 Trending Destinations list

Audrey Hendley, President at American Express Travel

American Express Travel, recently, published the 2023 Trending Destinations list, featuring the ten most popular destinations for travel next year, identified by global American Express Card Member travel reservations for each of these destinations.

What is American Express offering its travelers?

American Express Travel Consultants also created three-day itineraries, providing inspiration on the top places to stay, eat, shop and explore the local culture, including how Platinum Card Members can spend the “bonus vacation day” they receive with guaranteed 4:00 p.m. check-out when they book a Fine Hotels + Resorts property through American Express Travel.

“When Card Members book trips through American Express Travel, they’re trusting us with their time. Our global footprint, over 100 years of travel expertise and deep understanding of our Card Members give us a unique ability to inspire travelers with this year’s list of Trending Destinations, make the planning process easy, and confidently advise them on what to do when they get there,” said Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel.

What were some of the findings of the survey?

The latest Amex Trendex survey found that 50% of adults say they spend at least five hours planning a vacation. To help travelers save time and make the most of their trips, American Express Travel Consultants crafted three-day weekend itineraries for each of the Trending Destinations to provide inspiration on the best places to stay, eat and explore local culture.

81% of Amex Trendex survey respondents agree they want to maximize every hour of their trips, making the expert guidance in the Trending Destinations itineraries a valuable resource. Whether venturing solo, exploring with a group of friends, or spending time with family, the itineraries include something for everyone, from finding the best churros in Mexico City and engaging with koalas in Sydney and treatments at a luxury spa in Paris.

Additionally, 88% of survey respondents agree they wish their trips were longer. Platinum Card Members have a guaranteed 4:00 p.m. late check-out benefit when they book a Fine Hotels + Resorts property through American Express Travel. Late check-out, one of the many premium benefits unlocked when booking with American Express Travel, gives travelers a “bonus day”.

The Trending Destinations itineraries highlight ways to spend that time, so Card Members get the most out of their trips, including a master cheese class in Paris, sailing to the Prince’s Islands in Istanbul, and a shopping excursion of authentic Portuguese goods in Lisbon.

What are the key trends driving travel in 2023?

  • New adventures are in demand: 70% of the survey respondents agree they want to travel to wish list destinations in the coming year 2023
  • Vacationing with holistic health in mind: 89% of respondents agree they want to go on a trip to escape routine, and 74% plan to travel more in 2023 for their wellbeing
  • Seeking out personalized experiences: 88% agree they like to seek out local experiences & learn about culture, & 73% are willing to pay more for the travel itinerary that they want
  • From New Year’s resolution to summer travel: 43% of respondents agree they want to travel more as their New Year’s resolution, and 50% of respondents have already started to think about where they want to go on their upcoming summer 2023 vacations
  • Spending more for the ultimate getaway: 74% of respondents agree they are more likely to spend more on travel in 2023, and 40% say they are willing to pay more for late check-out when making their travel accommodations

What was the methodology of the survey?

American Express Travel’s 2023 Trending Destinations are selected based on global American Express Card Member bookings through American Express Travel, looking at year-over-year travel growth between the year 2019 and now in 2022.

This Amex Trendex online poll was conducted by Morning Consult between September 30 – October 3, 2022 among a sample of 2,000 US travelers who have a household income of at least $70K and are defined as adults who typically travel by air at least once a year. The interviews were conducted online. Results from the full survey have a margin of error of 2%.