American Express reveals 2023 top global trends as travel demand rises

Audrey Hendley, President at American Express Travel
Audrey Hendley, President at American Express Travel

American Express Travel® released their 2023 Global Travel Trends Report recently, highlighting four global trends inspiring people from around the world to travel this year:

  • The Rise of “Set-Jetting”: Popular movies, TV shows and social media are inspiring people to travel to places they see onscreen, like Italy, Paris, Yellowstone, and London
  • Delicious Destinations: From top restaurants to local favorites to cooking classes, people are choosing their next destination based on what they’ll eat
  • A Wellness Wave: Restorative vacations are on the rise as travelers prioritize self-care and mental and physical health
  • Traveling Off the Beaten Path: Travelers want to discover hidden gems and support the local community when they visit

What were the research key findings of the report?

The report, based on survey data obtained from travelers from the United States of America, Australia, Canada, Mexico, Japan, India and the United Kingdom, found that more than half (52%) of survey respondents say they plan to take more trips this year than they did last year.

50% of survey respondents are planning to spend more money on travel in 2023 than they did in 2022. 84% of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed would rather take a dream vacation than purchase a new luxury item, and 79% of them agree that travel is an important budget priority.

“Vacations are precious pursuits, and travelers are prioritizing personalized itineraries built around their passions, from planning an entire vacation for a single dinner reservation to getting the perfect video for TikTok and social media. No matter what the inspiration is, American Express Travel Consultants have the expertise to help every type of traveler in the world plan for all types of trips,” says Audrey Hendley, President of American Express Travel.

What were the top trend insights from the report?

Top insights from American Express Travel’s 2023 Global Travel Trends Report include:

The rise of “set-jetting,” especially among younger travelers

  • 75% of respondents agree that they have been inspired to travel to a specific destination by social media
  • 70% of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed agree that they have been inspired to visit a destination after seeing it featured in a TV show, news source, or movie
  • 46% of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed say they have been inspired to travel to a destination because of Instagram

Delicious destinations: visiting top restaurants and local favorites

  • 81% of respondents agree that trying local foods and cuisines is the part of traveling they look forward to the most
  • 66% of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed agree that they get most of their eating-while-traveling inspiration from social media
  • Nearly half (47%) of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed agree that they have planned an entire trip around visiting a specific restaurant

Prioritizing self-care is leading to a rise in restorative vacations

  • 73% of respondents are planning vacations to better their mental, physical, and emotional health this year
  • 60% of Gen Z and Millennials surveyed say they go out of their way to book hotels that offer spa and wellness services

Discovering hidden gems and supporting local communities they visit

  • 85% of respondents want to visit a place where they can truly experience the local culture
  • 78% of respondents are interested in going on vacations that support local communities in 2023

As the demand for travel continues and rises into 2023, American Express Travel provides eligible Card Members with exceptional travel access, including 1,400+ airport lounges through its Global Lounge Collection; 7,000+ Travel Consultants; restaurant reservations through Resy and curated where-to-eat; benefits at 2,000+ as well as hand-picked hotels around the world via Fine Hotels + Resorts® and The Hotel Collection; and so much more.


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