AMCS acquires US-based Utility Cloud to expand Its Digital Solutions

Jimmy Martin, Chief Executive Officer of AMCS

AMCS, the supplier of integrated software and vehicle technology for the environmental, recycling, and resources industries, has acquired Utility Cloud, a top U.S.-based utility operations management platform for an undisclosed amount. This acquisition expands AMCS’ strategy to bring tech to utility customers to help them sustainably manage resources, increase productivity, and enhance their bottom line while improving customer satisfaction.

What does Utility Cloud add to AMCS’ portfolio?

Utility Cloud provides a cloud-based operations management software platform to enable operators of critical infrastructure to organize, action, and report against critical operational data. Built to maximize efficiency and improve oversight, Utility Cloud helps its user base to ease complex regulatory and operational workflows while ensuring the safety of employees.

Commenting on the acquisition, CEO of Utility Cloud, Dan Calano said, “AMCS is the ideal catalyst to accelerate the value we bring to our customers and end markets. Our combined customers will benefit from the expanded capabilities of the global AMCS organization.”

“The mission of AMCS is to optimize the sustainable use and production of resources such as water and energy. Our utilities customers are at the forefront of harnessing the benefits of digital transformation, using our technology to modernize their operations. Utility Cloud is a perfect fit within our portfolio of solutions which help utilities manage assets, reduce operational overhead, and increase customer engagement,” said Jimmy Martin, CEO, AMCS.

The acquisition follows AMCS’ purchase of Utilibill, a purpose-built customer management and billing solution for the utilities industry. For more information, visit