Alvaria widens customer cloud choice by deploying Alvaria Cloud in GCP

Jeff Cotten, Chief Executive Officer at Alvaria

Alvaria, Inc. announced the deployment of Alvaria Cloud™ in Google Cloud Platform (GCP). Adding GCP to their offerings of AWS and Azure expands the public cloud options Alvaria provides to support customer experience (CX) and employee engagement (EX) strategies.

What does the deployment mean for clients?

Providing multiple public cloud selections is a part of the commitment Alvaria has made to provide choice for clients in order to meet their business objectives with the proper services.

As an enterprise CCaaS vendor, Alvaria now provides industry leading support to help enterprise brands with complex and specific configuration requirements evolved to meet the needs of rapidly evolving customer expectations. ACE 2022, Alvaria U kicks off at 9:00 AM PDT with The Modern Contact Center, an address from Chief Executive Officer, Jeff Cotten. He will unveil a new engagement framework, The Alvaria Enterprise Modernization Journey.

“We will assist clients through a process of determining business and tech objectives, to understand where they are today and the desired end state. We will then map the best fit of products that align to their business goals because with Alvaria you are not going to hear and see a one-size-fits-all approach. We aim to enable choice and flexibility,” said Jeff Cotten.

Alvaria SVP of Global Marketing, Colleen Sheley said, “The pandemic emphasized the need for enterprises to be resilient, secure and continue to deliver exceptional customer experiences. Brands want to invest in accelerating their consumer tech initiatives and now with the deployment of Alvaria Cloud in GCP there’s less friction and more choice than ever before.”

What are the specifics of Alvaria’s event?

Alvaria has a full agenda planned for former Aspect Software, Noble Systems and Alvaria partners like product demonstrations, insights from industry experts, and product tips and tricks and a special keynote, Customer Obsession: How to Satisfy Inherently Unsatisfiable Clients, by Gibson Biddle, Entrepreneur, Advisor, Former Netflix VP Product Management.

Core to the success of ACE each year is the participation of Alvaria Partners. Alvaria would like to thank group of partners who have sponsored the event: Call Design,, CS Infocomm, ITFor, Resolutte, Rich Communication Technology, Rising Interactions and Waterfield Technologies. Furthermore, this year, Alvaria introduced the ACE Partner Certified Seller track, designed to enable Alvaria partners worldwide with tools to win business.

Get access with code: VIRTUAL-ACE22-BEMYGUEST. To register, please visit the website.