Altium launches regional office in Korea to better serve its customers

Altium is excited to announce the opening of its new regional office in Seoul, Korea. Altium recognizes considerable potential in Korea and would like to serve customers better, shorten the feedback loop, and address the specific needs of the Korean market.

What does the regional office mean for Altium’s clients?

Following the opening of the regional office, Korean customers will experience improved service, competitive pricing, and product enhancements. This is an important step forward for Altium as it continues to grow and expand its direct reach into new markets.

“Altium has been operating in Korea for over five years, forming strong client relationships in multiple segments, like Consumer Electronics, Industrial Automation, and Automotive Engineering, and with various govt agencies,” said Pelle Chiari, Director, Altium Korea.

Why is Korea of special interest to Altium?

This expansion is expected to help Altium grow its Korean market presence by providing more efficient support to its clients and more personal outreach to new clients supporting continuous innovation by companies in Korea. The office opening is part of the firm’s overall goal of delivering outstanding customer service and competitive pricing within the country.

The Korean market, ranking third for electronics production, is viewed as a key driver to Altium’s growth over the next five years. “Establishing a dedicated team covering all aspects of customer engagement from Pre-Sales to Sales & Marketing and Customer Support will allow Altium to better address local market needs in Korea,” Chiari said.