Alter Domus appoints data expert Gus Harris to its Group Executive Board

Gus Harris, Head of AD Data & Analytics at Alter Domus

Alter Domus, a provider of integrated solutions for the alternative investment industry, announced it has appointed Gus Harris, Head of AD Data & Analytics, to its Group Executive Board (GEB) where he will continue to report to Doug Hart, Chief Executive Officer.

Gus leads Alter Domus’ data and analytics products strategy and team, developing new data assets to provide value-add solutions to alternatives market players, like risk managers, investment managers, analysts and support functions at investor and asset manager clients. The team will help clients bring their data into a tech-enabled environment, allowing them to develop a competitive edge in their ability to efficiently generate meaningful insights.

What is Gus’ industry expertise?

As an extension to our data and analytics efforts, Gus is overseeing the development of proprietary applications into Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products, which will further expand Alter Domus’ reach into the middle and front offices of their expanding client base.

Early product development has focused on solutions which improve operational governance and efficiency for clients to more effectively risk-manage, monitor and grow their alternatives portfolios. The team has lined up several clients, including new clients, and strategic partners to accelerate their go-to-market and will have several newly built products by year-end.

Prior to joining Alter Domus in September 2021, Gus was a founding executive of Moody’s Analytics where he helped build several flagship products including Moody’s structured-finance products, ESG data and research services, Moody’s DataHub (DaaS), and other SaaS tools.

For his academics history, Gus is a CPA and CFA charter holder and completed advanced degrees in finance from Columbia Business School, risk and statistics from New York University’s Stern School of Business, and technology from Pace University.

What were the executive’s thoughts on the appointment?

“Technology has been an integral part of the backbone of Alter Domus’ offering to clients, and Gus has brought an innovative and forward-thinking vision to our data and analytics services. Clients are under increasing pressure to better manage and exploit data, which makes Gus’ voice and perspective at a group executive level particularly important,” said Doug Hart.

“Gus brings a strong sense of leadership and considerable expertise to our team, key traits which have helped to catalyze his team’s growth and offering in a short period of time.”

Since joining Alter Domus last October, Gus has hired a world-class team to oversee the firm’s growth in this important area. The seasoned team, which has extensive experience building similar solutions for large financial institutions globally, brings together significant capabilities around modern big data, data science, tech, and product management disciplines.

Team members have honed their skills at, and joined Alter Domus directly from, reputable institutions like AWS, Morgan Stanley, Moody’s Analytics, KPMG, and other established firms.

What were Gus’ thoughts on the appointment?

“I am proud to join Alter Domus’ group executive board, and I look forward to partnering with this talented and dynamic group of executive leaders,” commented Gus Harris.

“Alter Domus’ data and analytics team, which is comprised of seasoned and proven industry professionals, is undergoing tremendous growth and is already engaging with leading general and limited partners in the private equity, private debt – including CLO managers and investors – and commercial real estate sectors on complex and important projects.”

“This reflects the increasingly important role that data and analytics will play in the future of our business, and the alternative investment industry as a whole. As the marketplace matures, demand for ‘better data’ will only continue to grow, and we are extremely well-positioned to support the market on this transformational journey,” Gus further said.

“With technology running across the spectrum of our data solutions – from collection, to analytics, to delivery – we’re thrilled to be helping clients define the standards that will set their business on a solid foundation for sustainable future growth,” Gus concluded.