Alquist taps Luyten’s Ultimatecrete to build houses in the US and Canada

Australian 3D printing tech company, Luyten 3D, announced a groundbreaking partnership with Alquist 3D which will see Luyten 3D supplying its 3D concrete mix ‘Ultimatecrete’ to Alquist 3D for the build of houses and other dwellings in the United States and Canada.

What does the partnership mean for Luyten 3D?

This brings together two of the most progressive 3D printing businesses to bolster the build of 3D homes and dwellings in the US and Canada. Luyten 3D is an Australian firm founded in 2020 that has rapidly forged a strong reputation for the design and manufacture of cutting-edge mobile AI-powered 3D concrete printers for the building and construction industry.

It has also developed the world’s leading concrete mix ‘Ultimatecrete’ for industry capable of delivering fast-drying high strength eco-friendly concrete in the build of 3D structures. Luyten 3D was the first company in Australia to introduce 3D printing robotics for the building and construction sector and the team has already achieved significant milestones including the build of the first 3D building code-compliant house in the southern hemisphere in Australia.

“We are absolutely elated to be partnering with Alquist 3D to support and promote the build of 3D homes across the United States and Canada. Our work together will involve providing Alquist 3D with the ability to use and distribute Ultimatecrete under license across the United States and Canada,” commented Ahmed Mahil, Co-founder and Global CEO of Luyten 3D.

“Alquist will use Ultimatecrete to print the first owner-occupier house in the United States as well as many other houses and dwellings in their pipeline of works.  Alquist 3D searched the world for the most effective and scientifically proven 3D printing mix for the building and construction industry and we are delighted that they chose us,” Ahmed Mahil further added.

What does the partnership mean for Alquist 3D?

Alquist 3D is a highly respected US-based firm that brings vitality to smaller communities by creating affordable, sustainable, innovative homes. Using state-of-the-art 3D printing tech, Alquist lifts economically distressed and under-served communities by lowering the cost of building the single-family, multifamily, mixed-use, and senior-living homes they need to thrive.

Zachary Mannheimer, Chief Executive Officer of Alquist 3D
Zachary Mannheimer, Chief Executive Officer of Alquist 3D

According to Zachary Mannheimer, CEO of Alquist 3D, the partnership will provide Alquist 3D with the ability to deliver 3D-printed housing solutions of the highest quality across the north American market space. “America has a housing shortage and Alquist 3D plans to solve it but in order to do this we need the best 3D printing solutions that the world can offer,” he said.

“We have the leading knowledge, capability and tech, we just need the highest performing concrete mix for 3D building and construction and we found it in Luyten 3D’s Ultimatecrete.”

“Not only is Ultimatecrete easy to work with, it also boasts unparalleled levels of strength and endurance which is essential for the build of robust and enduring structures when undertaking 3D printing in the building and construction industry. Its ability to dry quickly and tolerate weather extremes also makes it ideal for the north American climate,” he added.

“We are now well prepared to solve north America’s housing crisis with the highest quality 3D printed structures. The US government has implemented policy to increase the adoption of 3D printing in many industries and we look forward to contributing to this outcome.”

What makes Luyten’s Ultimatecrete a unique product?

Ahmed Mahil, co-founder and global CEO of Luyten 3D
Ahmed Mahil, Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer, Luyten 3D

According to Mahil, Ultimatecrete is one of the strongest materials for use in 3D printing for the building and construction industry that has been tested to cover different scenarios of durability including hurricanes, cyclones, earthquakes and floods. “Ultimatecrete is scientifically formulated to deliver premium results at a fair price which is vital for the industry when cost is a clear competitive advantage compared to traditional building methods,” he said.

Commenting Luyten’s Ultimatecrete, Luyten 3D Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Godrey Keung said, “What makes Luyten’s Ultimatecrete unique is that it was designed with sustainability and economic feasibility in mind. It is the only concrete mix for 3D printing that truly reduces construction site costs between 30 and 60 percent compared to other methods.”

“Ultimatecrete will be used to build the first owner-occupier home in Muscatine, Iowa. It will also be used in Florida which is a hurricane-prone state where Ultimatecrete’s strength and durability is needed as more natural calamities are expected due to climate change.”

“The Ultimatecrete version formulated for Alquist’s needs in Iowa is two to three times stronger than normal mixtures and the first mix to crack the cost barrier making this an economically feasible technology where real savings can be realised. We are proud to see our unique Australian product being used to help solve housing problems across the world and we look forward to growing our partnership with Alquist 3D into the future,” Keung further said.