Alpha Blue Ocean announces €3m financing with ADTHINK/NFTY

Pierre Vannineuse, Chairman of Alpha Blue Ocean

Alpha Blue Ocean, a specialist in alternative financing founded by Pierre Vannineuse, signed a new financing agreement of three million Euros through ADTHINK, recently renamed NFTY, via a new alternative innovative and unprecedented financing solution in France.

Adthink, recently renamed NFTY, and Alpha Blue Ocean signed a financing contract in Bonds Convertible to Redeemable Shares, for a nominal maximum amount of €3M over 3 years.

Alpha Blue Ocean to diversify portfolio

This agreement will support the growth of the group over the next 3 years and to strengthen its diversification and its position as a major player in digital advertising in France.

Pierre Vannineuse, Chairman of Alpha Blue Ocean said, “ABO is thrilled to diversify its portfolio with this new investment in an AdTech leader and a future leader in the market for NFTs.”

“Our quest to align the interests with all of the stakeholders in our portfolio and participations has led us to implement a financial instrument of this type on the French market.”

“NFTs are unique digital assets stored and registered on a distributed ledger like the Ethereum blockchain and differ sensibly from others such as BitCoin, Ethereum or Dogecoin.”

Alpha Blue Ocean championing alternative financing

Jonathan Métillon, CEO of Adthink: “This innovative financing solution will allow us to meet the needs of Adthink by aligning the interests of each party with the existing shareholders.”

“The net product of the issue will be allocated to the general requirements of the group, to the Working Capital required for the growth of our advertising activities as well as the technical and sales growth of our new Non Fungible Tokens marketing services.”

Created in 2017, Alpha Blue Ocean is a specialist and pioneer in alternative financing in Europe and in the whole world, and most notably in the medical innovations sector.

In 4 years, the group founded by Pierre Vannineuse has completed more than EUR 1.5 billion in financial commitments, of which 60% has been in the Health and Innovation segment.