Allurity acquires two new companies to advance its cybersecurity reach

The reputable European cybersecurity services provider Allurity has recently closed the acquisition of two new and innovative cybersecurity companies, taking a major step towards reaching its goal of becoming a European cybersecurity giant and being able to compete on a level playing field with other conglomerates that are located in the United States and China.

Which two new companies did Allurity acquire?

The two new and innovative cybersecurity companies that have been acquired are Portugal’s CloudComputing and the Swiss company Securix. The former brings forth a complete and robust offering in identity, zero trust and information security while the latter adds very substantial reinforcement in the areas of identity security, observability as well as consultancy.

CloudComputing was founded in Portugal, in 2010 and since then, it supports various customers and a wide range of clientele in both the public and private sector. It manages more than 10 million identities in Europe and America, as well as covering other fields such as identity and access management, zero-trust journeys, digital workspace and mobile security.

Securix is service provider currently employing around 100 people in Switzerland, with a primary focus on the integration and operation of software and cloud solutions for enterprises and users. Securix’s offerings also focus on the areas of identity security and observability.

What does this acquisition mean for Allurity?

Both companies will soon become part of an effective decentralised structure, retaining their operational independence, brand, identity and culture, while leveraging the scale and synergies of the entire group. With these acquisitions, Allurity is giving a strong boost to its growth strategy in major key markets. Specifically, those located in southern Europe, with the company in Portugal, and in central and northern Europe with the company in Switzerland.

There is also a clear ambition to expand to Belgium and the Netherlands. The group has been acquiring other cybersecurity companies during the last year in order to reach the position of being the preferred partner for these services in Europe. In addition to these two companies, the Allurity group already includes Swedish Arctic Group, ID North and Pulsen IAM, Danish CSIS and Spanish Aiuken Cybersecurity, making a total of seven companies, with more to come.


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