All Australians can BUY AUSSIE NOW as the new marketplace opens

All Australians can BUY AUSSIE NOW as the new marketplace opens
Chris White (left), CEO, and Mitch Catlin (Right), MD, BUY AUSSIE NOW

Australia’s first marketplace for Australian made goods by Australian owned businesses has been launched today following the first successful capital raise in May.

BUY AUSSIE NOW, which started as an Instagram page in mid-March as the nation prepared to shutdown with the Coronavirus, has in just four months transformed and is set to be the online destination for Australians to shop Australian.

To date, more than two thousand small and medium businesses have already registered through our website across eight launch categories – home and living, toys and education, apparel and footwear, jewellery and accessories, food and beverage, pets, skincare and beauty, and gifts, while additional categories will be unveiled in coming months.

Customers will be able to purchase gift cards and participate in a rewards and loyalty program. We are in the middle of finalising a new digital magazine “Australian Life.”

In addition, every Thursday night we hold an Instagram Live session with various entrepreneurs and businesses across Australia to showcase their product, brand and manufacturing, and this will be developed further in our magazine and other content platforms.

BUY AUSSIE NOW is entirely free for businesses to upload and promote their products to a wider Aussie audience, and potentially overseas, given the appreciation and love of Australian goods.

How did the marketplace come about?

Founder and Managing Director Mitch Catlin is thrilled to be bringing this Australian first concept to market.

“My business, like many other Aussies, was hit badly in late March when the marketing sector pretty much came to a standstill.

I turned to creating a community of other businesses who were stressed and anxious and I was just so overwhelmed with the number of Aussies who needed help and mateship during a tough time.

Thousands of people were, and still are, worried for their livelihoods. This is how Buy Aussie Now was born,” said Mr. Catlin.

“I think the thing that surprised me most over the past few months is just how much wonderful product is made at home but many of us simply don’t know about it. They do now! Buy Aussie Now will be the one-stop-shop that Aussies can trust to buy Australian,” he said.

Chief Executive Officer Chris White is honoured to be bringing this vision to life.

“We want shopping Australian to be a longer-term switch for this country. Let’s always make Aussies brands, business and products our first thought every time we shop and not just during difficult periods.

This will support the nation, families, friends and local communities and keep jobs and investment here,” said Mr White.

“I would like to acknowledge the investment team in our business which is fantastic for us, but more importantly, for the thousands of small businesses and Aussie shoppers who now have somewhere to go. That’s why we are all doing it,” he said.

Australian businesses who list are only charged when they make a sale, with a transaction fee up to 8%, plus payment processing. However, all non-for-profits in Australia, along with any indigenous owned businesses, will not be charged.

It will be a fully free service as our community partnership.

Aussies can register today – both businesses and shoppers – with a ‘live date’ for the BUY AUSSIE NOW marketplace to be announced in coming weeks. Registration for all Australians is available here.