Alipay+ partners with Macao SAR govt to boost local consumption

Venetia Lee, GM of Ant Group Greater China International Business
Venetia Lee, General Manager of Ant Group Greater China International Business

Alipay+, a provider of global cross-border digital payment and marketing solutions announced that, through Alipay+, Macao merchants are offering lucrative incentives inside AlipayHK – one of the most popular e-wallets in Hong Kong – to attract travelers and boost local consumption as inter-city travels are expected to soon be recovered to pre-pandemic levels.

From January 20th, AlipayHK users will be able to find featured Macao shops and their special offers for tourists like digital coupons inside the app’s Alipay+ Rewards section – a joint effort of Macao’s Economic and Technological Development Bureau, five local chambers of commerce, Macau Pass, Ant Group and over 100 small and medium-sized merchants.

What does the campaign mean for Macao merchants?

The latest campaign inside AlipayHK’s Alipay+ Rewards section was established to boost local consumption as more and more tourists return to the city. In addition, AlipayHK, which owns most active users in Hong Kong, has been accepted at nearly 90% merchants in Macao.

“Powered by Alipay+, this online campaign on AlipayHK, which has 3.3 million active users, will help promote local Macao merchants and increase their exposures, and position Macao as an attractive tourist destination for travelers from Hong Kong in the short- to longer-term,” said Ng Wah Wai, Director of the Industry and Commerce Association of Macau.

Ng Wah Wai further added that the campaign is also expected to connect Macao merchants with more tourists from other overseas markets through Alipay+ in the future.

“With the joint efforts from all parties, we hope this campaign could further explore the potential of Macao’s featured merchants via online promotion, enhance the attractiveness of Macao’s tourism consumption, encourage the second and third-time visits of tourists to Macao, and jointly create new momentum for Macao’s overall economic growth,” said Ng.

What does the partnership mean for AlipayHK?

On January 8th, China announced first steps to optimize regulations on travel between the mainland and Hong Kong, lifting quarantine requirements that were in place for three years. A surge in travelers between the two cities is expected following the relaxation of restrictions.

Commenting the partnership, Venetia Lee, General Manager of Ant Group Greater China International Business, said: “We are pleased to work with the Macao government and five local chambers of commerce to attract more Hong Kong tourists to Macao and stimulate local tourism consumption, in recognition of AlipayHK as a valuable partner.”

“AlipayHK is dedicated to playing a greater role in the realization of connectivity in the Great Bay Area through Alipay+ payment and marketing solutions, and we will work with different ecological partners in the future to provide convenient and valuable services to our users.”

What is the market reach of Alipay+?

Developed by Ant Group, Alipay+ offers unified global mobile payment and marketing solutions that connect merchants with multiple e-wallets and payment methods. Consumers can conveniently use their preferred local payment methods while transacting seamlessly in a different market and be able to enjoy marketing offers by merchants through Alipay+.

Alipay+ Rewards is a digital marketing platform developed by Alipay+ and partner e-wallets to help brands better engage with consumers worldwide by offering incentives and exclusive services. Currently, Alipay+ has over 15 mobile payment partners globally, including AlipayHK, that have covered more than 1 billion digital-savvy consumers. South Korea’s Kakao Pay, another e-wallet partners of Alipay+, has also been accepted at local merchants in Macao.

Globally, Alipay+’s merchant coverage has more than doubled since last year to over 2.5 million, which includes regional and digital entertainment providers, lifestyle services, e-commerce platforms and brick-and-mortar businesses that cover major airports, shopping centers, duty free shops, convenience stores, cafes, restaurants and tourism facilities.

Businesses across several countries like Japan, South Korea, Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian markets are embracing Alipay+ to connect with global digital payment methods through one-time integration, and better engage with over 1 billion consumers.

Alipay+’s merchant coverage includes over 1,000 online platforms, over 10 major airports, over 90,000 convenience stores, over 360,000 restaurants, nearly 200,000 taxis and major hotel brands, department stores, duty-free shops and tourist facilities in Asia and Europe.