Amazon’s Alexa makes cooking easy this summer with Justin Narayan

Jennifer Beirne the Head of Marketing at Amazon Alexa

Amazon Alexa released a social campaign featuring Masterchef 2021 Winner, Justin Narayan, encouraging Australians to get cooking with Alexa via their enhanced Taste recipe experience.

The campaign demonstrates Alexa’s improved recipe experience and its ability to make cooking in the kitchen more enjoyable and easier than ever, all hands-free. From exploring a wide range of delicious recipes, playing your favorite cooking playlist to set timers.

Amazon engaged Two Palms Media to bring the campaign to life via a social media content series, producing 60 seconds, 30 second and 15 second content videos that playfully showcase the ease of cooking up a culinary classic or a new recipe to add to the repertoire.

The platform offers over 50,000 recipes, of which more than 1,000 are uniquely Australian.

Celebrity chef joins Alexa in the kitchen

Loved for his light-hearted, playful persona, Justin Narayan was selected for the campaign for his kindled passion for whipping up a wide variety of fun, memorable food, reflecting Alexa’s ability to make cooking in the kitchen an experience to be enjoyed.

Jennifer Beirne, the Head of Marketing for Amazon Alexa shared her insights.

“Following a year where most of us have been spending more time at home and in the kitchen, we’d all welcome a helping hand as we juggle shopping lists, timers, recipes and keeping the kids amused; especially as we head into the Christmas and summer season.”

“The launch campaign for Alexa’s new cooking experience illustrates just that, showing how Alexa can help home cooks manage the juggle, making cooking easy from start to finish.”

“With Masterchef’s Justin Narayan bringing Alexa’s new cooking experience to life, we’re sure the campaign will inspire more than a few BBQs, family dinners and holiday snacks with the help of Alexa and the depth of the recipe library from Taste that brings the experience to life.”

“A huge thanks to Justin and Two Palms for helping us cook up this fun and useful campaign!”

Two Palms, an important piece in the jigsaw

Two Palms Founder and Director, Ed Ringwood said that the campaign is a testament to how an idea can grow and evolve alongside the capability of a product.

“What I love about Amazon’s local Alexa work is that it continues to evolve as the product itself does. This campaign touched every arm of the team at Two Palms, from social to content, production to paid – our whole team had a hand in bringing this to life.”