Akur8 launches Akur8 Academy, a global program on insurance pricing

Samuel Falmagne, Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Akur8

Akur8 announced the launch of its Akur8 Academy, a training, development, and upskilling program for insurance pricing advanced practices. This program is open to actuaries willing to benefit from the firm’s expertise and build or grow their mastery of Akur8’s pricing platform.

The first initiative of the Akur8 Academy will be a gamified digital credential certification program to allow users test their skills and share knowledge of the Akur8 solution with their professional network. This program is appropriate for both new and existing Akur8 users.

How will Akur8’s Academy work?

Whether or not users are experts in Akur8’s Risk, Demand or Rate modules, Akur8 has the right badge for them, including a 3-step program delivering ‘Essentials’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Expert’ certifications. Upon successful completion of a short quiz, clients will officially receive the credentials, which can be embedded in email signatures and added to LinkedIn profiles.

“Akur8 is setting the new standard for insurance pricing. We are realizing this vision through our pricing platform. But we want to go further and use our expertise and voice in the insurance pricing market to contribute to building the pricing skills of tomorrow. That is why we are launching the Akur8 Academy” stated Samuel Falmagne, Co-founder & CEO at Akur8.

“By sharing credentials digitally on social media, our clients will be able to showcase their knowledge of the Akur8 solution to their network. Our digital credential program will not only help us turn our customers into advocates, but also offer them training opportunities that give them a real edge in their domain,” said Brune de Linares, Chief Customer Officer, Akur8.

What are digital credentials?

Digital credentials provide individuals with verified digital badges backed by metadata that detail the skills mastered to earn the credential. The solution used by Akur8 for the digital credential program uses the blockchain to cryptographically seal a record of the credential when it’s created so that third parties can be certain that a record hasn’t been altered.

A credential on the blockchain cannot be altered, faked or spoofed. If someone attempts to create a credential that looks like your credentials it won’t verify against the blockchain record. The digital credentials program is the first initiative of the Akur8 Academy and will be followed by additional training, development and upskilling programs on insurance pricing.