Airwallex partners with Naomi Simson to empower scaling Australian SMBs

Leading global fintech platform, Airwallex, announced its partnership with renowned Australian entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor Naomi Simson.

The two have joined forces to launch a “Choose Growth” campaign aimed at empowering small-medium sized businesses (SMBs) as they look to scale their business operations.

Through this campaign, Australian businesses will be able to draw on advice and insights that can facilitate their growth strategy as they contribute to the global economy. 

Why is Airwallex running the Choose Growth campaign?

SMBs have been met with numerous obstacles amid the global pandemic.

Economic slowdown, market uncertainty and rapidly changing customer demands have resulted in a dramatic shift in the business landscape.

The campaign themed ‘Choose Growth’ with Naomi Simson aims to provide SMBs with the tools to tackle these challenges, including growing their customer base and cashflow, while also enhancing leadership and talent

With a passion to support the startup community and foster innovation, Naomi is considered the ‘godmother of Australian small businesses’ and boasts more than 20 years’ experience featuring an impressive catalogue of successful business ventures.

Naomi founded leading online experience retailer RedBalloon and later co-founded the Big Red Group. She appeared as investor on the Australian production of a television show, Shark Tank.

Over the coming months, Airwallex is partnering with Naomi on a series of virtual and in-person events, advice guides and one-on-one sessions for SMBs.

These sessions will combine Naomi’s own experience in building and supporting businesses from the ground-up, with Airwallex’s passion to help businesses operate anywhere, anytime. 

Stakeholder’s views on the Choose Growth campaign

Naomi Simson, Entrepreneur and Co-founder at Big Red Group, said, “Our personal worlds may have grown smaller with lockdowns and border restrictions, but the opposite is true for SMBs.”

“Many businesses have grown successfully by expanding online, reaching new customers and extending into international markets. Now is the time to choose growth.”

“A practical understanding on how to grow remains a key roadblock for business leaders, alongside time and resource constraints. I’m always asking the businesses I work with: What are you doing today to invest in the future of your business?”  

“I’m pleased to partner with Airwallex, an organisation whose passion for helping businesses grow is so inline with my own. I can’t wait to combine what I’ve learnt building my businesses with Airwallex’s practical expertise on how to scale internationally.”

Vijay Raghvani, Head of Customer Experience at Airwallex said, “This partnership is a first for Airwallex and we are very delighted. As one of Australia’s leading business figures and with so much wisdom to share, Naomi’s reputation among the SMB community is unparalleled.”

“Businesses face competing priorities and have to balance meeting the needs of existing clients, reach new ones, maintain cash flow, excel as a leader and attract talent, all at once?”

“To help businesses, we’re excited to combine our experience alleviating global roadblocks like opening accounts overseas, high FX fees on foreign transactions and employee expense management, with Naomi’s proven track record of building and scaling businesses.”

“Together, we hope to foster the next generation of successful entrepreneurs.”