Airswift and Cloud Payments deal to enable instant access at point-of-sale

Airswift Technology Limited, a Web3.0 native payment firm, and Cloud Payments, a digital payments and banking tech platform provider have joined forces to enable cryptocurrency spenders with instant access to crypto at the points-of-sale using VISA and MasterCard.

What does the partnership mean for Airswift?

“Millions of Web2.0 consumers are ready to onboard to Web3.0, but are not familiar with existing Decentralized Finance on-ramps,” said Dr. Yan Zhang, co-founder and CEO of Airswift.

“So we’ve worked together to integrate Cloud Payments’ simple, credit-card based crypto purchasing tools into our easy-to-use crypto payment platform. This feature lets you seamlessly on-ramp to and spend crypto right at the checkout without ever leaving Airswift’s platform, thereby reducing friction for newcomers to the market,” Dr. Yan Zhang added.

What does the partnership mean for Cloud Payments?

Mike Love, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Payments

“Our patented technology platform enables Web2.0 consumers and merchants to easily transition into emerging Web3.0 payment and commerce methods as that segment of our industry continues to rapidly grow. Our partnership with Airswift will create a best-in-class crypto payment experience,” said Mike Love, co-founder and CEO of Cloud Payments.

The collaboration will simplify crypto-based purchases by providing crypto on-ramping and NFT purchasing using VISA and MasterCard with optimized exchange rates. This offers crypto spenders increased convenience when shopping for retail goods and digital assets.

The on-ramp service will be rolled out first in North America and Europe.