Most consumers seek to minimize mobile distractions, Airship reveals

Ahead of Apple’s fall event and the release of iOS 17, Airship, the mobile app experience firm, announced its survey showing digital well-being is of increasing importance to consumers.

What were the findings of Airship’s research?

According to Airship’s new research, one in four consumers say they are using apps to either limit their screen time or avoid distracting interruptions. However, even more are adopting Apple’s Focus and Live Activities, which limit distractions and interruptions, while keeping them tuned in to the information and apps that matter most in different moments of their day.

More users turning to Apple’s Focus

Since its introduction in September 2021, 56% of iPhone users say they have used Apple’s Focus feature to designate which apps, people and notifications can reach them at different moments in their day. Of those who have not used Focus, 42% say they are not aware of the feature, while 29% say they “don’t experience enough interruptions” to warrant its use.

Apple launched Live Activities in October 2022, about a year after Focus, offering a new way for users to pin dynamically updated information to their lock screens rather than receiving multiple notifications from the same app. Already, 41% of respondents say they have used Live Activities, while 35% have not and only 24% are unaware of this new capability.

Consumers happy with Live Activities

What’s more, consumers are happy with Live Activities: 62% of those who have used it rated their experience as “Good” or “Exceptional,” while only 6% rated it as “Poor” or “Bad.”

Considering its recency, Live Activities is seeing rapid uptake and more awareness due to high-profile activations like the World Cup and more brands offering it to their app clients. In contrast, Focus relies on iPhone users setting up the capability on their own. Live Activities is likely to get a boost with the release of iOS 17, allowing brands to add buttons and toggles to Live Activities bringing core functionality, not just information, to clients’ lock screens.

What are Airship’s thoughts on the findings?

Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Airship
Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer at Airship

“It’s no surprise that Apple is looking to double down on the success of Live Activities with new updates that will transform the lock screen into something that closely resembles a remote control for your life,” said Thomas Butta, Chief Strategy and Marketing Officer, Airship.

“Now more than ever, brands can gain front-and-center visibility by simplifying customers’ lives and saving them time — rather than commanding or demanding their attention. That’s key to unlocking a valuable new era of customer experience,” Thomas Butta further added.