Airly announces the resumption of their most popular getaway flights

Airly announces the resumption of their most popular getaway flights
Luke Hampshire, Co-founder of Airly

Australia’s fastest growing aviation company, Airly, has announced plans to resume offering members seats on private flights to Byron Bay and Mt Hotham just in time for the July school holidays.

Airly members can opt into an existing flight or initiate a new one on a luxury private jet via the Airly app. The innovative on-demand service, which requires arrival only 15 minutes prior to departure, makes flying private convenient and affordable.

What are the flight offers like?

Sydney to Byron Bay is $1,295 a seat, from Melbourne its $2,395 a seat and Melbourne to Mt Hotham is $995 a seat saving the five-hour drive. Sydney to Mt Hotham is $1,395 a seat.

With the commercial airlines still only planning to be at 40 per cent pre-pandemic capacity by the end of July, and only 46 Sydney to Melbourne flights a week for the foreseeable future, interest in Airly has grown significantly since COVID-19.

How are the offers being received?

App-usage is up by 80% and membership has more than doubled since Airly’s popular $1,295 per seat Sydney / Melbourne flights resumed in May.

“Over the last few weeks, we’ve seen a surge in business travellers using our service to get their businesses moving now that restrictions are easing,” explained Luke Hampshire, Airly’s Co- founder.

“With limited local options from the commercial airlines, and no way to holiday overseas, we expect domestic travellers looking to make the most of the upcoming winter break will make up the next wave. For holiday makers, Airly creates the opportunity to travel in style for very little additional cost compared to flying business class with the commercial airlines.

“The more members fly with Airly, the more flights become available. Our innovative membership-based approach creates a network effect,” added Luke.

As borders reopen, more seats on more routes will be offered including the Gold Coast from both Sydney and Melbourne.