AirAsia expands its partnership with DataVisor to fraud-proof its portfolio

DataVisor, the fraud and risk management firm, announced that it has strengthened its relationship with AirAsia, the multinational Asean airline group headquartered in Malaysia.

What does DataVisor bring to the expanded partnership?

AirAsia will expand the use of DataVisor’s market-leading fraud and risk management platform to protect against a broader set of fraud attacks along with strengthening its mobile channel using DataVisor’s dEdge – a mobile-first device fingerprinting and behavior solution.

In addition, by leveraging these additional capabilities and protecting against additional fraud use cases, AirAsia can protect customers from fraud across its entire product portfolio.

“We’re thrilled to be strengthening our relationship with AirAsia, to help them fight fraud across their entire ecommerce platform,” said Yinglian Xie, Co-founder and CEO of DataVisor.

Yinglian Xie, Co-founder and CEO of DataVisor

“DataVisor’s suite of solutions combines the power of AI with seamless real-time data and decision flow orchestration, analysis, review, and investigation tools. These capabilities along with our edge computing solutions will help AirAsia deliver fraud and risk protection for clients as they book flights and hotels and take advantage of AirAsia’s broad array of services.”

Why did AirAsia partner with DataVisor?

In 2020, AirAsia partnered with DataVisor to fight ticketing fraud and promotion abuse, and to capture known, unknown and evolving fraud attacks in real time. Since implementing DataVisor’s fraud and risk platform, including production-ready Unsupervised Machine Learning, the company has been able to detect 54% more fraud with 99% accuracy, while reducing false positives to improve the ticketing experience for good customers.

By expanding its use of the DataVisor platform with additional layers of protection and broader set of fraud attack types, AirAsia can provide comprehensive fraud and risk detection and prevention across customer’s entire lifecycle encompassing multiple products – including shopping and food delivery, health screenings without adding friction for good customers.

Steve Harbick, CISO at Capital A (AirAsia)

“DataVisor came through for us during a challenging time following the onset of the global pandemic and helped us minimize losses from ticketing fraud and promotional abuse, all in a single platform with comprehensive capabilities,” said Steve Harbick, CISO, Capital A (AirAsia).

“DataVisor’s outstanding customer support makes them a strategic partner. We can rest easy that our entire ecommerce platform is protected from fraud, and that our customers can enjoy all the services we offer without friction,” Steve Harbick concluded.

For more information about DataVisor’s digital fraud solutions, visit the website.