Australians using AI tools to bolster job search success, Indeed reveals

A survey by Indeed, the global job site, has revealed AI is helping Australians land their dream jobs, receive job offers faster, draft personalised applications and prepare for job interviews.

What were the findings of Indeed’s survey?

Indeed’s latest study shows artificial intelligence tools have significantly boosted success rates for job seekers, resulting in faster job offers for more than half of those using artificial intelligence – highlighting the game-changing impact of AI tools on securing employment. According to the data, 46% of working Aussies have recently used AI tools in a job search.

Among them, over half (52%) report they achieved greater success in finding a job when using AI tools. Almost half (46%) of AI users received a job offer, and an overwhelming majority (74%) believe that these tools helped them secure offers more quickly.

But despite this largely positive sentiment toward artificial intelligence, the report finds there remains a need for more guidance on how to effectively use the tools in job search process, with two in three Australians (39%) expressing a desire for more guidance. Interestingly, there seems to be a discrepancy when it comes to incorporating AI skills into one’s resume.

While 49% of Australians already used some form of artificial intelligence tools at work – 29% of workers utilising them at least once a week in their current roles – only 22% plan to include artificial intelligence skills on their CV when next updating it. This suggests a potential opportunity for job seekers to better showcase AI-related skills and experiences on CVs.

What are Indeed’s thoughts on the survey findings?

Sally McKibbin, Career Coach at Indeed
Sally McKibbin, Career Coach at Indeed

Commenting on the findings of the new research, Sally McKibbin, Career Coach at Indeed said: “Australian job seekers have embraced AI with open arms and are reaping the benefits. They are using it to match themselves with suitable roles, craft CVs and cover letters, practice responses to interview questions and even to assist with salary negotiations.”

“With the rise of AI in workplaces, those who use it as part of their job application process show impressive initiative in aligning themselves with what employers are looking for and, in their willingness, to adopt tech that will form an integral part of how we work in the future.”

“Employers are benefitting from adopting AI to streamline recruitment process; however, candidate interviews will not be going anywhere anytime soon. They will retain their relevance as an important and necessary step for employers to take in identifying top candidates.”