Ag Growth International expands its portable grain handling manufacturing capabilities to meet growing demand

Paul Householder, President and Chief Executive Officer at AGI
Paul Householder, President and Chief Executive Officer at AGI

With demand for portable grain handling equipment in Australia and New Zealand growing, Ag Growth International Inc. (AGI) is expanding its manufacturing capacity at their India-based AGI Bengaluru facilities to accommodate production of its AGI Westfield and AGI brands.

What is the market offering of AGI?

AGI is a specialist in portable grain handling with swing-hopper augers and belt conveyors among its top-sellers. The AGI Westfield STX2 and the AGI XTA truck augers will be the first to roll off at AGI Bengaluru. Engineered to withstand tough field conditions, the STX2 and XTA augers are designed for longevity, fast grain delivery, large capacity, and maneuverability.

AGI Bengaluru is dedicating a 45,000 sq ft space for portable grain handling equipment and features the latest manufacturing tech including laser cutters, robotic welding, benders, formers, and advanced painting systems. It maintains ISO certifications 9001:2008 for quality management systems, and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management.

What does the expansion mean for AGI?

“This initiative will increase our manufacturing capabilities in the Asia-Pacific region and helps to lay the foundation for ongoing growth. The successful completion of both the product transfer from our Canadian facilities and the production ramp-up at our AGI Bengaluru facilities ensures that no matter where your AGI equipment is made, you receive the same excellence in quality, reliability and durability,” said Paul Householder, AGI President and CEO.

Commenting on the augers, Rustom Mistry, Senior Vice President of the APAC region, said, “Our augers have a long-standing tradition with grain farmers in Australia and New Zealand dating back many decades to when the Westfield brand was first introduced to the market.”

“For our dealers and growers, enabling more localized supply within the APAC region means better service and shorter lead times. We anticipate these changes to prompt further demand for AGI portable grain handling products throughout the region in 2024 and beyond.”

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