Afiniti and LivePerson to help brands improve customer engagement

Larry Babbio, Chief Executive Officer and Chair at Afiniti

Afiniti, the world’s leading provider of AI that pairs customers with contact center agents, and LivePerson (Nasdaq: LPSN), a customer engagement firm, announced the native integration of Afiniti’s AI pairing technology with LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud®. This strategic partnership will help clients have better conversations with brands on their preferred digital channels by connecting them to contact center agents on the basis of best fit.

LivePerson provides AI-powered customer engagement solutions that brands use to have conversations with millions of consumers. Afiniti’s tech uses AI to pair customers with contact center agents uniquely best-suited to helping them, and is proven to deliver measurable improvements to customer satisfaction, agent experience, and business revenue.

What is the market offering of the combined solution?

Integrating Afiniti’s AI with LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud will make conversations more personalized, efficient, and profitable in both live and asynchronous experiences.

The partnership builds on LivePerson’s Curiously Human™ approach, where AI is used to create better engagement, like helping agents be successful when interacting with clients.

By layering in Afiniti’s tech, brands can pair individuals with agents in milliseconds based on historical patterns of data, such as a client’s product usage, tenure, and reasons for contacting the firm in the past. It also considers agent information, such as how they’ve handled similar messaging interactions, to maximize positive customer-agent experiences.

Consider two unhappy mobile subscribers who have messaged their telecom provider with the intent to cancel their contracts. As the messages come into LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud, Afiniti’s tech uses real-time data about the subscribers, agents, and historical interactions to build a model of the predicted outcomes of all possible pairings.

It then applies algorithms in real time to pair the subscribers with agents that are most likely to retain and satisfy them. Once connected, LivePerson’s AI tools can then also be applied to suggest content and text to each agent, route the subscribers to automations as appropriate as the conversations unfold, and analyze how the conversations are performing.

What were the executives’ thoughts on solution?

“This native integration uses the power of contact center AI to improve human interactions, which is the core of what we do at Afiniti. Our partnership with LivePerson will enable firms to deliver even more successful and engaging experiences for their customers through the messaging channels they know and use all the time,” said Larry Babbio, CEO and Chair, Afiniti.

“Our close partnership, well-designed integration, and seamless deployment with Afiniti will unlock even greater value for brands seeking to provide outstanding AI-powered customer engagement. Integrating Afiniti’s AI pairing tech with our AI-powered Conversational Cloud will deliver more consistent and personalized conversations, and we’re thrilled to bring them into our strong partner ecosystem,” said Rob LoCascio, founder and CEO of LivePerson.

“Our research shows that brands put a premium on providing customers with accurate and correct responses quickly and at scale,” said Dan Miller, Lead Analyst at Opus Research.

“A ‘native’ implementation of Afiniti’s capabilities in LivePerson’s platform fulfills that promise by pairing agents and clients more intelligently across all channels. Messaging transformation demands personalization at scale, and that is what this partnership can deliver,” Miller said.

The native integration is currently available to early access clients, with a general availability release to follow in early 2023. To learn more on the solutions, visit LivePerson’s blog.