Affyn, a Metaverse rising star to develop Play-to-Earn mobile game

Lucaz Lee, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Affyn

Singapore startup Affyn, a blockchain Metaverse project, is developing a Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn mobile game with integrated geolocation and augmented reality (AR) capability.

Affyn is reimagining Free-to-Play and Play-to-Earn

As a metaverse project with geolocation and AR mechanics, Affyn incorporates the fun concept where every in-game character, which they call “Buddy”, is a non-fungible token (NFT).

If you are not yet familiar with NFT, it just means that the buddy actually belongs to you, and not to the game developers. This disrupts the traditional gaming industry where players grind thousands of hours for in-game items and currencies which they do not really own.

Affyn is creating a closed loop economy

Similar to how every game has its own set of currency, Affyn’s is also known as FYN tokens.

The utility of FYN tokens is aimed to be highly versatile and apart from the usual in-game transactions, it is in progress to adopt real world utility.

By creating this integrated ecosystem whereby players can earn the tokens virtually and utilise them in the real world, a closed-loop economy is formed to drive the value of FYN tokens.

Affyn is ensuring a sustainable game economy

Affyn is one of the pioneers of the mobile Play-to-Earn model, created to change the way players can derive value from the ecosystem as compared to traditional gaming platforms.

Affyn spent more than a year designing a blueprint to create a sustainable game economy. This helps to ensure rewards remain attractive to existing and new players in the long run.

Lucaz Lee, the founder and CEO fronts the fundraising on why he started this project.

“Our idea of a Metaverse is a world where people can meet, play and connect not just virtually, but also in real life. By using blockchain technology as a bridge, Affyn aims to drive a global movement where we can play, earn, and have more fun together at the same time.”