AEXLAB launches its first NFT drop as part of a major blockchain push

Jonathan Ovadia, CEO, AEXLAB

AEXLAB, a technology and video game studio focused exclusively on developing groundbreaking virtual reality (VR) experiences and applications from the ground up, is preparing to launch its first NFT series as it looks to plant its flag in the blockchain ecosystem.

The Start Engine crowdfunding campaign successfully reached over $1 million.

AEXLAB’s mission is to bring together the worlds of NFTs and virtual reality, creating all-new experiences and introducing a whole new level of interactivity for the digital asset class.

Their first NFT drop was released in partnership with Metadrop, as a series of unique, AI-generated 3D virtual reality pets, known as VAILIENS, which were minted for players in the company’s advanced tactical first-person shooter game, VAIL VR.

Besides being loyal pets to players in the VAIL VR universe, who respond to their touch and commands and gain new abilities, VAILIENS also grants holders exclusive privileges.

This includes Alpha and Beta testing opportunities.

VAIL VR Social Club

It also gives access to the VAIL VR Social club, an exclusive community of devoted players in close contact with developers, giving them influence over the game’s development.

VAILIENS was fully tradable and available in a fixed supply of just 13,370. Of these, 10,800 were to be minted via live auction on November 30th on the Metadrop platform.

The remaining NFTs will be reserved for early backers (1,500) and community development activities (1,070). Users are able to sign up so as to participate in the sale.

VAIL VR’s multiplayer servers went live on November 26th as players with a VR headset could request access via Steam by searching VAIL VR, and joining the Discord server.

Between November 30th and December 2nd, different VAILIEN breeds were sold in six simultaneous auctions. Follow the company on Twitter for daily updates and giveaways.