Advertising industry debate club returns with IAB Australia support

Gai Le Roy, Chief Executive Officer at IAB Australia
Gai Le Roy, Chief Executive Officer at IAB Australia

Following its successful inaugural event earlier in 2021, the Advertising Industry Debate Club returned to support and nurture new industry voices. The event will see teams debate whether a future metaverse can unlock more meaningful human connections.

The Club was established by Orsi Toth-Pal from Yahoo as part of her development in the IAB Australia mentorship program, working with her mentor Ilda Jamison from Quantcast.

IAB Australia has enthusiastically stepped in to support the Debate Club, which will be held every second month for those who would like to improve their persuasion skills, learn about the industry and connect with people outside of their usual work remit.

A pulsating rush of adrenaline for attendees

Attendees will have the chance to win one of 10 NFTs from event sponsor Scoutt, a kickstart for sports talent where fans can buy athlete NFTs that help them catapult their careers forward in return for exclusive rewards, content, and engagement.

Orsi Toth-Pal said that she was generally comfortable with being challenged, but this Debate Club is definitely pushing her out of her comfort zone.

“I am talking to people and dealing with processes that I normally wouldn’t do for years in a normal career progression scenario. After a successful pilot event earlier this year it’s so exciting to get support from the IAB and bring something new and different to our industry.”

Gai Le Roy, the Chief Executive Officer of IAB Australia expounded on the phenomenon.

“I am thrilled to see our Mentorship Program take risks and broaden their networks.”

“Orsi’s initiative will provide people who want to practice presenting in front of a crowd safe and positive ways to improve communication skills, critical and creative thinking and the audience will enjoy a relaxed, challenging, and entertaining experience.”