Webfleet Solutions uses advanced tech to showcase the future of driving

Christopher Chisman-Duffy, Sales Director at Webfleet Solutions

Sydney-siders will have the opportunity to experience the new high-tech Webfleet Driving School using pioneering enterprise telematics tech and AI to foster safer learner drivers.

Between now and 10 April 2022, Webfleet Solutions is combining its vehicle telematics tech with traditional driving lessons to offer advanced experience for learners to develop a greater understanding of safe driving behaviour and optimise their overall driving performance.

What does Webfleet’s tech entail?

The in-vehicle tech will capture precise detail of any dangerous driving behaviours that occur during the lesson, like speeding around a corner,  harsh braking or oversteering to avoid an overlooked hazard. Speeding is the largest contributor to death and injury on NSW roads, consistently contributing to 41% of road fatalities and 21% of serious injuries each year.

A free post-lesson performance report and virtual consultation will be provided by Webfleet specialists to discuss the drivers individual performance scorecard, review any moments of dangerous or unlawful driving with video footage, to highlight areas for improvement.

Webfleet’s Sales Director, Christopher Chisman-Duffy said, “This type of tech is typically used among commercial fleet operators. But our vision is to create safer roads through innovation so we’re taking a grass-roots approach and making it accessible to learners.”

“Learning to drive is an essential life skill for many Australians and the advanced Webfleet technology gives learners a rare opportunity to review their driving behaviours to adjust technique accordingly and ultimately become safer and more efficient drivers.”

What does Webfleet’s tech do for stakeholders?

Combining dashcam footage with driving data, the Webfleet technology enables drivers and instructors to get the full context of any road incidents in real time. The product uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to identify risky road behaviours and critical events, send visual and audio alerts to drivers and instructors during lessons, and capture live footage to review.

“The Webfleet Driving School will add technological advancements to driving lessons that’s never been done before, so drivers can develop a better understanding of speed management and safe following distances, as well as encourage increased hazard awareness to help stop any dangerous driving behaviours from the on-set,” added Chisman-Duffy.

Webfleet has partnered with one of Sydney’s leading Driving Instructors, Albert Belleli from Let’s Go Drive Sydney to pilot the experience. “Having been an instructor for many years, I’m constantly looking for new and exciting ways to offer the best lessons possible,” said Albert.

“Driving lessons and tests haven’t really changed much in the past 100 years so the introduction of technology such as this could be a major step forward. Ultimately it’s about ensuring the safety of the motorist and those around them. This technology will help ensure accurate and detailed analysis of driver behaviour, which can only be a good thing.”

One hour driving lessons at the Webfleet Driving School cost $80 AUD with a free performance report and (virtual) consultation. Driving lessons are available to book online.