Advanced Clinical continues global expansion with new Swiss office

Julie Ross, President of Advanced Clinical

Advanced Clinical, a clinical development and strategic resourcing fim, is pleased to announce its continued expansion into Europe with the opening of a new office in Zug, Switzerland.

Why did Advanced Clinical opt for Switzerland?

“We have chosen to open our newest office in Zug due to its proximity to some of the most innovative pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies in the heart of Europe,” said Dr. Andreas Amrein, Managing Director, Europe, and Senior Vice President, Asia-Pacific and Japan.

“Zug is located in the economic center of Switzerland and will help us achieve success in attracting global and regional sponsors as well as highly qualified clinical research experts.”

“Adding an office in Zug enables us to fully support our current and new clients located in Switzerland and to have access to the area’s skilled talent pool,” said Julie Ross, President.

“By continuing to establish operations in key areas within Europe, we are able to diversify our global clinical programs and strengthen our position as a leading, mid-market, clinical development and strategic resourcing organization,” Julie Ross further commented.

What is the market reach of Advanced Clinical?

Advanced Clinical will continue expansion in Europe in subsequent months with plans for locations in Belgium and Sweden. Advanced Clinical also has established European operations in Germany, the Netherlands, U.K, Spain, France, Ireland, Italy, Romania, Poland, and Ukraine.

In addition, the company has established operations in Japan, Australia, and Singapore, as well as North American office locations in Chicago, Orlando, Boston, and Toronto, Canada.