Adatree partners with Personetics to provide advanced data analytics

Jill Berry, Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of Adatree

Intermediary platform Adatree has partnered with Personetics, the provider of financial data analytics, to provide clients with a unique solution for financial data access and intelligence.

Personetics provides financial data-driven personalisation, analysis and customer engagement solutions for financial institutions through its real-time artificial intelligence (AI) solution.

It has more than 80 bank clients across 30 markets, serving more than 120 million clients. Personetics helps fintech companies like Adatree harness customer transaction data to provide data enrichment insights, personalised recommendations, and product-based advice.

Adatree to offer clients advanced data insights

Adatree offers a sophisticated and secure proprietary platform to enable a wide array of businesses – including banks, credit unions, comparison websites, Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) services and financial services companies – to access consumer banking data to improve their products and services through Australia’s Consumer Data Right (CDR) regulations.

Now, Adatree can fully leverage Personetics technology to offer its customers advanced data insights and value-add services such as data categorisation (the process of organising data into relevant categories) to enable them to better serve consumers.

For example, platform users can now easily track their spending habits by category, set budgets and learn about their financial habits through Personetics’ AI technology.

It can also help financial institutions to analyse customer accounts, predict customer spending and cash flow, and suggest actions to help customers gain control of their finances.

Adatree clients can access Carbon Footprint Tracking

Additional capabilities available to Adatree and Personetics’ mutual clients as part of the partnership include Personetics’ recently launched Carbon Footprint Tracking.

Carbon Footprint Tracking helps to provide bank clients with visibility of their carbon impact so they might potentially reduce it, and insights for client onboarding, transaction monitoring, loan suggestions, and subscription tracking to uncover duplicate and unknown subscriptions.

Jill Berry, CEO and co-founder of Adatree, says: “We know that data is extremely valuable in businesses for better understanding and serving customers with a tailored solution.”

“However, it is no longer enough to simply provide them with access to raw data. Companies now expect data to be categorised and packaged up with insights and advice.”

“As a data intermediary, our partnership allows us to provide a combination of categorised data and insights to help businesses better understand their clients and leverage data.”

“Our clients can pick and choose the capabilities they need, and it is all accessible through one API. This decreases the time, cost and effort of bringing their customer propositions to life.”

Adatree and Personetics, the dynamic duo

Mandeep Sandhu, Australia Country Manager for Personetics, says: “The team at Adatree have built a world-class Open Banking solution, and we’re pleased to be collaborating with them to offer their clients advanced data-driven personalisation and Open Finance solutions.”

“It is an exciting time for financial services in Australia with the recent expansion of the Consumer Data Right to extend across the breadth of financial services. We can help financial institutions take full advantage of our advanced financial data analytics tools and capabilities.”

“Data-driven personalisation and customer engagement is a strategic priority for all financial institutions, incumbent and challenger. We are seeing strong support for our vision of self-driving finance while quickly expanding our global footprint. We are excited to collaborate with Adatree to offer powerful data analytics capabilities that drive business impact.”