Adam Goodes and Priya Parker speak at Culture First APAC 2021

Didier Elzinga, CEO and Founder, Culture Amp

Culture Amp, the world’s leading employee experience platform, released the full agenda for its Culture First APAC conference to be held virtually.

Headline speakers include Priya Parker, host of the New York Times podcast ‘Together Apart’ and  best selling author of ‘The Art of the Gathering’ and Adam Goodes, AFL legend, Australian of the Year and anti-racism campaigner.

Who else is speaking at Culture First APAC 2021?

Attendees will also hear from Mark Lush, Executive General Manager at Xero, Maria Koralis, Head of HR at THE ICONIC, Richard Briggs, Chief Executive of Hamilton City Council, and Lainie Tayler, General Manager at Carman’s Kitchen.

Culture Amp community is now more than 100,000 people believing in a better world of work.

The Culture First conference series is part of Culture Amp’s ongoing commitment to improve understanding, amplify experience and inspire others to take action.

“At Culture First we explore humanity at work and how to enact change in your organisation.”

“For Culture First APAC, we want to inspire people to create a workplace where all voices are understood, where individuals and teams can thrive, and where all people have opportunities to grow,” said Didier Elzinga, CEO and Founder, Culture Amp.

Culture First APAC Speaker Line-Up

Adam Goodes will be Live in Conversation

Adam Goodes holds an elite place in AFL history as a dual Brownlow Medalist, premiership player, four-time All-Australian and member of the Indigenous Team of the Century.

But his career far transcends the football field. In 2014, Adam was named the Australian of the Year in recognition of his community work and advocacy in the fight against racism and empowering the next generation of Indigenous Australians.

Live in conversation for Culture First APAC, Adam will will recount his experiences as an elite professional at the top of his game and will also share how businesses can play a critical role in both advocacy and action in the fight against racism and discrimination.

Priya Parker on how we gather in the new world of work

Priya Parker’s bold approach to gathering in the new world of work redefines the ways people connect, learn, and develop relationships.

The acclaimed author of The Art of Gathering: How We Meet and Why it Matters and executive producer and host of the New York Times podcast, Together Apart,  Priya helps people create collective meaning in modern life.

Priya’s TEDx talk on turning everyday get-togethers into transformative gatherings has been viewed by nearly 2.5 million people. Her work redefines why we meet and why it matters.

Priya will share guidelines for reshaping meetings of all sizes to be more meaningful and advice for how to create impactful moments in hybrid work cultures, one gathering at a time.

Lainie Tayler on Carman’s Kitchen’s employee’s first 365 days focus led to a 96% engaged employee base

Over their nearly 30-year history, Carman’s has created a culture on the belief that you can’t view your brand and people as two separate entities. At Carman’s they operate as one.

For an employee to be successful, a robust onboarding process is the first critical step.

Carman’s General Manager of People & Culture, Lainie Tayler will share what the first 365 days of an employee’s time at Carman’s looks like, the employee insights they gain from it, and how this understanding has led to a 96% engaged employee base.

Maria Koralis shares how we can help our managers be better equipped to support employee development

At a time when managers are being asked to do more than they ever have before, the people team at THE ICONIC recognised that they needed to give their leaders scalable, world-class support, in order for them to be successful. 

Maria Koralis is the Head of HR – Operations & Workplace Relations at leading online fashion and sports retailer,THE ICONIC.

She share how The Iconic supports manager development and a variety of tools, resources, and processes created to enable managers take action on the feedback.

Mark Lush on how to put your values at the heart of your employee development strategy

Mark Lush is the Executive General Manager – Organisation Development at Xero. In this session Mark will share how Xero brought its company values to the heart of their company DNA and central to strategy, decision making and the employee experience.

He’ll share how Xero harnessed the power of employee feedback to create a values-driven culture, with advice for how to motivate your leaders, build and encourage a growth mindset, and impact every employees’ development within your organisation.