ABO launches an investment branch to offer alternative financing solutions

Amine Nedjai, Chief Executive Officer at ABO

Alpha Blue Ocean (ABO), based in the Bahamas and Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE), has launched a new investment company, ABO Digital, that will provide alternative financing solutions to early-stage and high-growth companies in the digital asset space.

What does the new investment branch mean to ABO?

Amine Nedjai, Chief Executive Officer at ABO, commented: “This is an important time for the digital asset space. Globally-speaking we’re in the midst of a bear market, but there continues to be solid development by innovative protocols. A lot of large investors, such as venture capitalists, will have suffered losses from the recent crypto credit contagion.”

“This reduces the pool of available growth capital for crypto projects that ABO Digital will help fill. We see an interesting development in gaming as projects are working on more sustainable tokenomics, which can help drive adoption and the practical use of NFTs.”

“We expect DeFi to continue capturing attention in this space, proving its robustness through the current crisis while continuing to innovate and find pragmatic solutions – such as access to liquidity for stakers of ETH. This difficult market situation, coupled with our positive outlook, makes it the perfect time to launch ABO Digital, enabling entities in this exciting space to source the funds they need to build,” Amine Nedjai further commented.

What is the market offering of ABO Digital?

Leveraging ABO’s experience as a structured Private Investments in Public Equity (PIPE) investor with over $2bn in executed financing commitments over the last five years, ABO Digital will bring institutional-grade expertise to the digital asset and blockchain industry.

ABO Digital will provide innovative and flexible funding solutions that will give blockchain projects access to more options for raising capital. This new form of financing addresses a need in the cryptocurrency market, especially given the current market conditions.

The timely launch of ABO Digital aligns with expectations for the digital asset space to come out of this crisis stronger in the next cycle. With a few major players that have dominated the investment space over the last few years, ABO Digital brings a fresh experience and an alternative way for projects to fund their development and expansion.

In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in particular, the Web 3.0 sector is strengthened by considerable government efforts and investment to build a solid, robust ecosystem that will in turn enable businesses and individuals alike to thrive within the space.