Abano Healthcare taps SnapLogic to power its journey to modernisation

Abano Healthcare, Australasia’s largest dental support organisation (DSO), leverages SnapLogic, an intelligent integration and enterprise automation solution, to power its modernisation journey. With SnapLogic’s scalable, no-code platform, Abano Healthcare, which serves roughly half-a-million patients in ANZ via brands like 1300 Smiles, Lumino The Dentists and Maven Dental, is primed to become a leading player in the health industry.

Why did Abano Healthcare opt for SnapLogic’s solution?

Research shows the modern firm has upwards of 200 apps; a number that further grows. Since Abano Healthcare’s business model sees it acquiring local dental practices and bigger brands and placing them under the Abano umbrella, it had a number of systems to connect.

Simultaneously, given the current skills shortage that peppers the healthcare landscape, it was key for Abano Healthcare to have a partner on the ground in ANZ that it could trust to provide a solution backed by a robust team of experts. With ambitious growth aspirations, Abano Healthcare needed a local, easy-to-use, scalable iPaaS solution that would spark communication between its disjointed systems to power its modernisation journey.

To meet the needs of the dentists it serves, Abano turned to SnapLogic. SnapLogic got on Abano CIO Nisha Clark’s radar through meetmagic, the online Aussie platform that combines business and philanthropy. The iPaaS solution stood out among competitors by being fit for purpose and scalable. Combined with its significant capabilities and a strong values alignment shared between the firms, Clark says the partnership is even better than imagined.

Now that SnapLogic is in its ecosystem, Abano Healthcare is excited for future integrations and system implementations as it continues its growth story.

What were the executives’ thoughts on the partnership?

“What excites me about SnapLogic we’ve implemented is its scalability and ease of use. We were able to utilise the tool quickly, which resulted in added value immediately,” Nisha said.

“SnapLogic is going to enable Abano Healthcare to become a leading player in the health industry. We have a thing called a connected chair. With a simple integration platform, I can see the future and how that’s going to bring everything together,” Nisha Clark further said.

James Campbell, Regional Manager, ANZ at SnapLogic, said, “The nature of the healthcare sector is of huge interest to us at SnapLogic. Seeing Abano Healthcare’s results excites us because we know similar challenges and opportunities exist throughout the healthcare sector. And we’re keen to help other healthcare organisations achieve comparable results.”

“We feel a great deal of pride when it comes to what we’ve achieved with Abano Healthcare in our partnership. The tremendous cost savings has had a profound impact on their business, and we’re really looking forward to seeing how they redirect those savings. Even more, we’re excited to see what the future holds for our partnership,” Campbell concluded.