Two brothers find a unique solution to Aussie’s e-commerce waste problem

Adam Sarfati, Founder of HeapsGood

Two brothers from Melbourne have made $1.5m in 12 months by solving Australia’s e-commerce plastic problem, which contributed to 2.5 million tonnes of plastic waste.

With 2.6 billion parcels sent around Australia last year alone – Adam and Ace’s solution is to provide home compostable alternatives to bubble wrap, shipping mailers, and printing labels; all of which are currently being sent to landfill and taking 400+ years to decompose.

What is the drive behind HeapsGood Packaging?

The boys are so determined to make a big impact on the global e-commerce problem, which generated 1.61 billion kilograms of plastic waste last year, that they are calling on investors to buy shares in their company, HeapsGood Packaging – so they can take their business to the next level and have an even greater impact on the world’s e-commerce shame.

The next market they hope to conquer is the United States, where no company like theirs (Heaps Good) has a similar mission. The share raise will be managed by Birchal.

“Everybody loves the convenience of ecommerce, but nobody wants to talk about the plastic used in our online retailing addiction – last year, there was the equivalent of 268,000 fully grown elephants of plastic waste generated,” said HeapsGood Founder, Adam Sarfati.

“This toxic embarrassment will be around for centuries as it decomposes into smaller microplastics. HeapsGood has been successful in its first 18 months we now want to have a greater impact worldwide. We believe Aussie online retailers that are not using recyclable products, are disrespectful to their clients – who will take their business elsewhere.”

“To prove there is a need for our business, in only our second year, we generated over $1.5 million in revenue selling our products, and have achieved over 1,500 five-star reviews.”

What is HeapsGood’s product line?

HeapsGood was established at the onset of Covid when everyone’s attention turned to online retailing. The company’s first product was the Ecomailer, a fully home compostable alternative to plastic shipping mailers. These have been so well received since launch, more than 7 million parcels have already been delivered using the innovation.

The company is at the forefront of creating more eco-friendly products and has since pioneered the use of a bubble wrap that is completely home compostable called Hex Wrap.

They have also invented Ecolabels (an Australian-first completely compostable thermal label), compostable stickers, and an eco-friendly mailing box made from 99.9% recycled materials. HeapsGood has now developed a tight network of cutting-edge suppliers in Australia and overseas and is launching even more sustainable solutions for ecommerce this year.

“We implore online retailers to switch to recyclable products – your clients will love you for it. Our planet cannot afford for us to wait any longer, which is why we are selling shares in our company via Birchal equity crowdfunding so we can scale up. With over 7 million packages being sent daily in Australia, this dark side to ecommerce cannot remain hidden any longer.”

For every order placed, the firm plants a tree through its partnership with Ecologi. This has resulted in Heaps Good being carbon neutral, and its clients feeling good about themselves knowing they’ve helped crucial forest restoration and biodiversity recovery efforts.

So far the two brothers and their clients have planted a forest of 15,666 trees – offsetting 23 tonnes of carbon. Imagine what the future holds when Adam and Ace conquer America!