Aussie bedmaker A.H. Beard casts Premium Sleep brand campaign

Tony Pearson, Chief Executive Officer at A.H. Beard

A.H. Beard, the 123 year old Australian made and owned bedding company has launched its brand campaign showcasing the value of Premium Sleep. A concept of sleep that rejects the common misconception that ‘sleep is for the weak’, but rather a vital act that replenishes, repairs, and restores. Created by Head and Heart and Premium, shot at award-winning architectural home Dovecote, the campaign invites viewers to rethink how we view sleep.

Why is sleep a crucial part of our lives?

A voice rebuffs the popular ideas that “there’s no substitute for hard work” or “if you snooze you lose” and that “success doesn’t happen overnight.” A.H. Beard shows the opposite to be true, where consistent and rejuvenating Premium Sleep unlocks the best version of yourself. 

According to the Sleep Health Foundation, up to 45% of Australians aren’t getting enough sleep with 20% suffering from insomnia, a sleep disorder highly correlated to mental health disorders like depression and PTSD. Sleep influences our level of health, motivation and now more than ever is the time to prioritise one of the most important activities of our lives.

Tony Pearson, Chief Executive Officer of A.H. Beard said, “We spend over a third of our lives asleep, yet as a society we’re challenged with inadequate sleep, and it’s costing Australia $66.3bn a year. We have 123 years of experience in the business of sleep and we’re aware of the immediate and long term health impacts sleep has on the body and mind.”

“Sleep is the most critical recovery period, so extensive research and consideration goes into each handcrafted A.H. Beard bed where the form, function and origin of materials is selected for their ability to help achieve the most consistent, restful and rejuvenating sleep.”

“Over the past two years we have worked with our partner Premium, to understand the desires of the high elective spending consumer, and the trend towards sleep as a core pillar of their wellness regime. Our masterbrand strategy places Premium Sleep at the heart of everything we do to deliver our long held  vision to improve lives through better sleep”. 

What is Premium Sleep program?

To support those who desire better sleep, A.H. Beard’s Sleep Wellness Centre offers a free four week sleep wellness program with advice and resources for achieving Premium Sleep. The centre offers a by-appointment  ‘Sleep Concierge’ which gives individuals the opportunity to speak with specialists for a one-on-one personalised consultation on their sleep needs.

Rachel Beard, Sleep Wellness Manager of A.H. Beard’s Sleep Wellness Centre said “Compared to exercise and nutrition which takes physical effort, sleep is something that few people think about. Good quality sleep takes effort and a deeply personalised approach so A.H. Beard’s Sleep Wellness Centre provides resources to understand the health benefits of sleep.”

Rachel Beard, Sleep Wellness Manager of A.H. Beard’s Sleep Wellness Centre

“Sleep is the super power we need to reach our goals, and so our free online sleep wellness program is a commitment-free platform to help people improve life through better sleep.”

For those who desire Premium Sleep, A.H. Beard has created a list of six essentials to consider when investing in a new bed. The six essentials focus on major sleep disruptors: 

  1. Don’t be disturbed: If your partner’s tossing, turning or twitching interrupts your sleep, a body-conforming comfort and support system is essential for absorbing and isolating their movements.

  2. Temperature regulating: If you are a hot sleeper, temperature regulating fabrics, fibres and components are essential for dispersing heat from your body for a cooler, more comfortable night’s rest.

  3. Adaptive support: If good posture is a priority for you, an adaptive support system is essential for maintaining healthy spinal alignment – no matter how your body changes over the years.

  4. Pressure relieving comfort: If aches, pains or pins and needles keep you awake, high quality comfort components are essential for relieving your pressure points and easing you to sleep.

  5. Breath easy: If you are affected by allergies or respiratory issues, it’s essential every component in your mattress provides long-term protection from bacteria, mould, dust mites and their allergens.

  6. It feels right for you: If you have trouble getting to sleep, a key essential is that it feels right, with soft to touch fabrics and comfort components that create a luxurious first impression.