60 clear-cut ideas that make handling crises and career setbacks easier

Chris Westfall, Author of 60 Ways to Make Your Work Life Work for You

If the last two years have taught humanity anything, it’s that life isn’t easy. “But everything in life … everything … can be made easier.” With those words, author and business coach Chris Westfall sums up the perspective that informs his book, Easier: 60 Ways to Make Your Work Life Work for You. “Life is difficult. Relationships are tough. Business is tougher,” Westfall said.

What is the the synopsis of the book?

“But through it all, there’s a better way.” While he doesn’t claim that his book will make things “easy,” the fresh perspectives Westfall delivers can make life easier. Accessing new ideas and possibilities in Westfall’s narrative is simpler than readers will find in other self-help books because Easier is told as a straightforward conversation between a Client and a Coach.

The Client is fired on a Monday morning. He believes his wife will leave him as a result. He’s afraid that he can’t pay his bills. From this life-after-career-death story, new discoveries bloom, revealing 60 insights into resilience, resourcefulness, self-leadership and more.

How does the book impact our everyday lives?

With each new concept, readers can find their perspectives shifting from “How will I ever get through this?” to “What can I gain from this?” Westfall’s insights can be applied not just to the workplace, but to all walks of life. “The obligations are the obligations, the duties are the duties, the deadlines are the deadlines, the sharks are still the sharks,” Westfall said.

“But when you show up differently, the conversation can change.” Easier takes an even-handed look at how things work — using neuroscience and coaching examples to impart perspectives vital for firms striving to create inclusive cultures, for firms seeking to expand innovation and for individuals who want to deepen their relationships through understanding.

“When it looks like life and career and communication and everything else is breaking down, it’s time to break free. It’s time to access a kind of personal freedom that allows you to make different choices. To see things in a different way. People around the world are looking for more personal freedom, more encouragement and more possibility,” Westfall said.