5GNetworks launches Wholesale to bolster service capability to MSPs.

The launch will significantly boost 5GN’s suite of wholesale services to include data centre and connectivity services, IP transit, and cloud services.

“5GN is excited to strengthen our partner sales channel with the launch of 5GN Wholesale.”

“We believe the combination of our fibre network and data centre connectivity will allow our wholesale partners significant flexibility and an alternative to the traditional providers,” 5G Networks Managing Director Joe Demase said.

“We have been actively investing in our infrastructure footprint and now clearly demonstrate the capability to meet Australia’s accelerating demand for cloud and data centre connectivity.”

“An example of this capacity was our recent announcement of the 5GN fibre roll out in Sydney where we have joined both our north and south points of presence to create a network of high-speed fibre which inter-connects over 80 data centres across Australia and Asia Pacific region.”

What will 5G Network’s Wholesale do in Australia?

5GN Wholesale will offer access to data centres around Australia. It also delivers high speed data connectivity to international locations in Japan, Singapore, New Zealand, and North America, including connectivity services up to 100GB.

IP Transit with DDOS capability of over 600Gb/s in addition to 5GN Cloud and Bare Metal services to create one’s own cloud environment, are also supported.

This follows a series of strategic development and investment initiatives made by 5GN, including the acquisition of hosting service provider Intergrid, and the integration of ColoAu into the 5GN systems and infrastructure footprint.

5GN has also developed a 5GN Wholesale website and Service Ordering Portal, offering customers speed and flexibility in its service delivery.

“Our wholesale customers are seeking more responsive, agile digital infrastructure partners to enable their continued growth and flexibility.”

“Our new digital ordering portal, has been created to deliver this function and the design has been based on direct partner feedback,” 5GN Sales Director Garry White said.

“We celebrate our new channel capability with some awesome solution offers which have been created to support and disrupt the market in accord with what our customers are asking for.”

“An example is our integrated bundles of Data Centre Colocation with 10Gb high speed data to bring service diversity and improved connectivity for our customers.” Garry White also noted.