PeopleKey casts the 5110 biometric time and attendance clocking system

PeopleKey, a manufacturer of biometric devices used for time & attendance data recording and access control solutions, has launched the latest in its extensive product line with the introduction of the PeopleKey 5110 Face & Finger Scanner. The 5110 builds upon the earlier 5100 model, having added a camera enhancement to the product providing the additional benefit and convenience of facial recognition along with the security of fingerprint scanning.

How efficient is the 5110 face and finger scanner?

The camera has been paired with an industry leading facial recognition algorithm, ranking as the fastest algorithm in the NIST 1:N Face Recognition Vendor Test, taking 13 milliseconds to find a specific face among 12 million subjects without compromising accuracy.

In real-world testing, using small power-efficient edge computing, the camera/algorithm combination delivers 10,000 template comparisons per second after capture. The camera operates at 30 frames per second and the image to template conversion takes 300ms.

Made from a tough polycarbonate shell, the 5110 is built for Australian standards with the device suited to both indoor and outdoor environments with a high contrast LCD panel ensuring the screen can be viewed in various lighting and weather conditions.

The 5110 syncs with PeopleKey’s Nexus™ cloud solution that allows the clocking of workers in and out times to be stored, backed-up and accessible anytime and anywhere. The service is underpinned via Microsoft’s Azure platform providing unrivalled security and support.

Why is the 5110 face and finger scanner a necessity?

According to a 2021 Global Biometrics Market study by, the APAC region is anticipated to grow at a rapid pace on the back of strong demand for biometric time & attendance solutions with firms making efforts to improve productivity, performance and security measures as staff transition back to workplaces in the post-covid era. This presents opportunities for firms like PeopleKey and has spurred product innovation and development.

“The market is undeniably changing. We’re seeing demand coming in from new customers for the latest solutions and from current customers ready to update their legacy time and attendance systems,” said Frank Bruce, Founder & Chief Executive Officer of PeopleKey.

“They want more accurate, managed, scalable solutions that are accessible anywhere and gives greater visibility and control over costs and time management. Our PeopleKey Nexus™ managed service, when coupled with our latest in biometric clocking, fills the need in the marketplace and we’re helping small to medium Australasian businesses make this change.”

Peoplekey Nexus™ integrates into more than 20 payroll providers including such leading platforms as MYOB, MicrOpay and XERO, to name a few, PeopleKey’s combined hardware and software solutions mean an end to manual payroll calculations and elimination of errors in data entry. Issues central to cost control, including overpayments, are also eliminated.

How an PeopleKey aid SMBs leverage federal initiatives?

The recently announced Federal Government’s Technology Investment Boost is set to help SMBs with an annual turnover of less than $50 million claim a bonus 20% deduction for the cost of expenses and depreciating assets, up to $100,000 of expenditure per year. Eligible expenditure includes items such as PeopleKey’s Nexus™ cloud subscription solution.

“Firms thinking about their time & attendance needs and who want the benefits of our cloud solutions have a real opportunity to save costs and capital, but they must move on this Government incentive before the 30 June 2023,” Frank Bruce further commented.

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