5 reasons to switch to an electric cooker now, according to an expert

Nick Drewe, money-saving expert at WeThrift

A new study has found that gas stoves have a climate impact that is similar to the carbon dioxide emissions from about 500,000 petrol-powered cars.

Since gas stoves have long been a desirable feature in Australian homes to cook with, there has never been a more crucial time to make the switch to electric cookers.

Other than being fantastic for the environment, Nick Drewe, the homes and energy expert working at WeThrift, has shared the benefits of having an electric cooker in your home.

Your food cooks faster

Since no medium is required to pass heat, pans on electric cookers are heated much faster in comparison to those on gas cookers. This feature in itself is a key selling point of electric cookers, but as well as this, an added bonus of faster cooking is saving energy.

Easier to clean

With gas cookers, you have to fiddle around with cleaning the burners and the metal pan supports as this is a thing of the past when you have an electric stove.

No matter what sort of electric cooker you’re dealing with, the cooking surface of the hob will always be flat and so the cleaning process will be much smoother. Modern electric cookers have touch controls rather than dials, thus less of a chance for grime to get trapped.

Multi-function ovens

The beauty of electric cookers is that some are multifunctional and will allow you to use different heating functions at the same time. You can use the grill and fan at the same time – perfect if you’re making a meal that requires varying cooking methods for different elements.

More even distribution of heat

Electric cooking units offer facilitation of a more even distribution of heat throughout the oven, as most units possess a built-in fan that enables hot air to move around.

This is especially useful when you’re cooking or baking a variety of foods.

Safer to use

As you’re not dealing with flames, electric cookers are generally safer to use than gas units.

You also have the benefit of manual controls which allows you to adjust the temperature according to your needs and thus enabling you to have more control.

Nick Drewe, in conclusion said, “With the trending conversations around climate change, taking the necessary steps to become more eco-friendly has never been important.”

“Many people think that looking after the planet requires a whole lot of thought and dedication, but rather it’s the small everyday changes that can make a huge difference.”