27 innovators are honoured by the Academy of Tech and Engineering

Professor Hugh Bradlow, President, Academy of Technology and Engineering

Trail blazing Fellows were elected to the Academy of Technology and Engineering (ATSE).

The new Fellows include an esteemed Aboriginal educator, a leading net zero emissions innovator, a bush-fire predictor and an inventor of rapid COVID-19 saliva testing.

They are on top in fields like sustainable agriculture and construction, renewable energy, telecommunication, minerals, civil engineering, pharmaceuticals, robotics and AI.

Academy of Technology and Engineering Fellows

Renowned Indigenous leader, Distinguished Professor Marcia Langton FTSE from the University of Melbourne, has been named an Honorary Fellow for championing the contribution of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander knowledge systems and science in shaping Australia.

Professor Richard Eckard FTSE from the University of Melbourne has developed the first greenhouse gas accounting tools for agriculture. Richard Eckard’s research has provided the scientific basis for carbon offset methods, including sequestering carbon in soil.

Professor Jason Sharples FTSE from the University of NSW, a Bundjalung man, uses predictive mathematical models to prevent catastrophic bushfires fires. Jason Sharples’ research has framed the recommendations of the NSW Bushfire Inquiry (2019-2020).

Dr Sue Keay FTSE, one of the most influential leaders in artificial intelligence and robotics.

The group of Fellows have also been at the forefront of fighting the COVID-19 pandemic.

Dr Andrew Nash FTSE from CSL, which is one of the world’s largest biotech companies, has been at the vanguard of combatting the COVID-19 virus through vaccine manufacturing.

Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin FTSE from the University of Technology helped in developing a saliva test for COVID-19 that facilitates detecting the virus within 10 minutes.

The Fellows also count private sector leaders like sustainable mining champion, Sandeep Biswas, who has set his company Newcrest’s goal of net-zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin FTSE, transformed telecommunications company Optus by launching its Living Network, a collection of on-demand network features which adapts to customer needs.

Academy of Technology and Engineering President, Hugh Bradlow said that the new Fellows are front-runners in growing Australia’s standing as a top technologically driven nation.

ATSE Fellows are elected by their peers for outstanding contributions to advancing engineering, technology and applied science as they are shaping Australia’s future.”

“They are at the forefront of combatting climate change, creating cement alternatives in construction plus new lupin and oat varieties with surging demand for plant-based protein.”

“They are shaping Australia’s digital future by equipping children with computing skills urgently needed for their careers, transforming our telecommunications landscape, and using artificial intelligence to counter electronic warfare,” Professor Bradlow said.

The new ATSE Fellows for 2021


Louise Adams FTSE

Chief Operating Officer, Aurecon

Louise Adams is an engineer, business manager and a prominent leader in infrastructure.

Professor Elizabeth Croft FTSE

Dean of Engineering, Monash University

Professor Elizabeth Croft is an expert in human-robot interaction and her research seeks to advance the collaboration between people and robots in safe, predictable and helpful ways.

Professor Wenhui Duan FTSE

Director of ARC Nanocomm Hub, Monash University

Professor Wenhui Duan is a structural engineer building a more sustainable and liveable Australia by using the science of the ultra-small to transform construction materials.

Professor Richard Eckard FTSE

Professor of Sustainable Agriculture, University of Melbourne, and Director, Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre

Professor Richard Eckard is a world authority on sustainable agricultural production and he developed the first greenhouse gas accounting tools for agriculture.

Professor Karen Hapgood FTSE

Executive Dean of Science, Engineering and Built Environment, Deakin University.

A leading chemical engineer whose research on engineering powder particles is used by the pharmaceutical industry globally to enhance manufacturing processes for new drugs.

Distinguished Professor Marcia Langton AO FTSE FASSA

Associate Provost, University of Melbourne

An anthropologist, geographer and public intellectua, recognised globally for her ground breaking work in modernising the mining industry’s engagement with Indigenous people, particularly in the difficult area of negotiating and settling agreements.

Distinguished Professor Ivan Marusic FAA FTSE

Deputy Dean (Research), The University of Melbourne

Distinguished Professor Ivan Marusic is an eminent researcher on fluid mechanics – Ivan’s discovery of ‘superstructures’ in wall-bounded turbulence was a breakthrough.

Professor Sally McArthur FTSE

Director, Manufacturing Futures Research Institute, Swinburne University of Technology

A leading biomedical engineer, passionate about using engineering principles to improve human wellbeing. At CSIRO, she was on the team that developed extended wear contact lenses.

Dr Graeme Moad FAA FTSE

CSIRO Fellow, CSIRO Manufacturing

Dr Graeme Moad is a renowned chemist at the forefront of polymer science. Graeme was a key inventor of CSIRO’s RAFT technology, which has garnered worldwide acclaim.

Dr Andrew Nash FTSE

Chief Scientific Officer, CSL

Dr Andrew Nash is a global leader in biopharmaceuticals. CSL is one of the world’s largest biotech companies and has invested more than US$4 billion in R&D in the last 5 years.

Professor Hugh Williams FTSE

Enterprise Professor, Melbourne Business School and The University of Melbourne

Professor Hugh Williams is one of the inventors of Infinite Scroll and leader of Google Maps’ product and engineering teams. He also held executive roles at eBay and Microsoft.

Distinguished Professor Irene Yarovsky FTSE

School of Engineering, RMIT University

Distinguished Professor Irene Yarovsky is a world leading researcher. She is co-leader of the Australian Steel Innovations Research Hub where academia and industry work in an integrated, value chain-wide approach on projects including sustainability of iron and steelmaking.

New South Wales

Kelly Bayer Rosmarin FTSE,

Chief Executive Officer, Optus

Kelly Bayer is behind the evolution of Optus as a technology company, with the industry-leading launch of the ‘Living Network’ to empower and enrich customer experiences and interactions with their mobile network.

Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin FTSE

Australian Laureate Fellow, Director, Institute for Biomedical Materials & Devices (IBMD), University of Technology Sydney

Distinguished Professor Dayong Jin is an acclaimed scientist who develops biomedical, analytical, and imaging devices that will detect diseases much earlier, including cancer.

Professor Andrew Parfitt FTSE

Provost and Vice-Chancellor, University of Technology Sydney

Professor Andrew Parfitt is a respected university administrator with a strong background in engineering and technology, including telecommunications and space science.

Professor Xiao-Lin Zhao FTSE

Associate Dean (International), Faculty of Engineering, UNSW Sydney

Professor Xiao-Lin Zhao leads research into sustainable alternatives to cement, the world’s single biggest industrial cause of carbon pollution, including work on concrete utilising seawater, sea sand, recycled aggregate and industrial waste such as slag and fly ash.

South Australia

Dr Dale Lambert PSM FTSE,

Chief of Cyber and Electronic Warfare Division, Defence Science and Technology Group

A scientist in high-level information fusion, using AI to integrate and analyse multiple data sources enabling decision superiority for the defence and intelligence communities.

Ms Kylie Sproston FTSE

Chief Executive Officer, Bellberry Limited

Ms Kylie Sproston is a chartered engineer and internationally experienced leader in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with a strong focus on manufacturing.

Professor Trish Williams FTSE

Cisco Chair and Professor of Digital Health Systems, Flinders University

Professor Trish Williams is passionate about improving healthcare through technology.

Trish was the leader of a project to develop a benchmark for hospitals in order to evaluate their digital infrastructure. This benchmark is now an international standard.

Australian Capital Territory

Professor Kenneth Baldwin FTSE

Director, ANU Grand Challenge: Zero-Carbon Energy for the Asia-Pacific

Professor Ken Baldwin is a leader in the global energy transition and has created significant initiatives in order to address energy changes in response to climate change.

Dr James Johnson FTSE

Chief Executive Officer, Geoscience Australia

Dr James Johnson is a geologist with over 35 years’ experience and is an international leader in applying geoscience to solving society’s major economic, social and environmental challenges.

Professor Jason Sharples FTSE FRSN

Professor of Bushfire Dynamics, University of NSW

Professor Jason Sharples is a mathematical scientist who is internationally recognised as an expert in dynamic bushfire behaviour and extreme bushfire development.


Sandeep Biswas FTSE

Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Newcrest Mining Limited

A leader in sustainable mining with Newcrest leading in the mining technique known as block-caving, resulting in reduced downtime and increases in productivity and safety.

Dr Sue Keay FTSE

Chief Executive Officer, Queensland AI Hub, and Chair, Robotics Australia

Dr Sue Keay is one of Australia’s most influential leaders in artificial intelligence and robotics. She is credited for leading the development of Australia’s first robotics roadmap.

Western Australia

Professor Chengdao Li FTSE

Professor and Director, Western Crop Genetics Alliance, Murdoch University and Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development

Professor Chengdao Li is a geneticist and breeder who has developed breeding technologies and released world leading varieties to facilitate Australia’s barley industry transformation.

Dr Michael Robertson FTSE

Deputy Director, CSIRO Agriculture and Food

Dr Michael Robertson is an outstanding agricultural scientist playing a crucial role in research addressing the existential challenges facing Australian farmers in a changing climate.

Foreign Fellow (USA)

Distinguished Professor Menachem Elimelech FTSE

Sterling Professor of Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Yale University

Distinguished Professor Menachem Elimelech is an internationally acclaimed environmental engineer, widely known for his work that is addressing the global water crisis.