2022 workplace predictions with research from people2people

Mark Smith, Group Managing Director of people2people

According to people2people recruitment’s online polls, 2022 will see over half of Australians continue to work from home, and 4 out of 10 looking to change jobs or make a career change.

The polls revealed drivers for those looking for new roles in 2022 and salary led the way (42.1%), followed by company culture (23%), workplace flexibility (19.7%) and job security (15.1%).

Analysis of the people2people survey

Mark Smith, the Group Managing Director of people2people recruitment offered insights.

“The labour market has been rapidly changing since March 2020, and work flexibility was until now the second biggest factor, after company culture.”

“However, with an increasingly tightening labour market with heavily pronounced candidate shortages, salaries are now back to firstplace ranking, and are expected to remain up there in 2022.”

“Four in ten employees are looking to change jobs or careers in 2022, and more are being directly approached by other companies due to candidate shortages.”

“It is therefore critically essential to make your employees feel valued and ensure that they are aware of potential opportunities available to them within their organisation.”

Mark’s advice for employers in 2022

Reinstate face-to-face check-ins with team members in order to facilitate assessment of where they currently are and thus relay any concerns that they may have.

Explore a variety of avenues to convey your company culture at work and home offices, and share a 2022 plan highlighting any new initiatives and projects for the year ahead.

If it has not yet been done yet, make sure that you book your performance and salary reviews for this year or early January.

For those employees who are planning to return to the office full-time, ensure that your workplace flexibility policy is reviewed and options are made available for the teams.

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