Australian retail fintech 1receipt helps in switching to paperless shopping

Shahryar Faraji, Founder of 1receipt

Australian retail-fintech, 1receipt, is assisting shoppers and retailers switch to paperless receipts through their easy-to-use digital receipt app. The convenient, efficient solution is also much more environmentally friendly, helping to save up to nine million trees a year.

1receipt is a mobile app that stores and manages all your receipts in one place.

Not only are paper receipts difficult to organise, they are often discarded, resulting in 3.3 million kilograms of paper receipt wastage in Australia per year.

“1receipt aims to solve these problems with its fully digital approach. We want to eliminate paper receipts entirely,” explained the Founder of 1receipt, Shahryar Faraji.

“We’re trailblazing a paperless path for today’s shoppers and tomorrow’s brands.”

“Quick and searchable e-receipts are the future of shopping and we are a secure, data encrypted digital receipt app that keeps your account private from retailers and third-parties.”

“We also know from research that shoppers want to keep their personal information, personal, and therefore we have created an application that facilitates this,” adds Faraji.

1receipt is turning heads

Founded in 2017, the Melbourne-based start-up has attracted funding from RMIT University and signed on more than a dozen retailers, including IGA supermarkets, which have rolled out the 1receipt technology in their Melbourne stores, with more to come.

“We’re currently in talks with dozens of other retailers and Point Of Sale (POS) systems and plan to launch the technology into new stores over the coming months,” says Faraji.

It’s free for retailers to register and receive a demonstration by a team member. A Pyramid digital receipt scanner enables retailers to offer a digital receipt to customers immediately.

Paper receipts cost 11 to 18 cents but 1receipt takes only 5 to 9 cents per digital receipt.

Shoppers can also download the 1receipt app for free from Google Play or App Stores and link it to their Woolworths Everyday Rewards and/or Flybuys. The idea for 1receipt came to Faraji in 2016. Like many people, he struggled to organise his receipts and kept losing them.

“It was a huge annoyance when I needed to claim warranty for a purchase or provide proof of transaction. Shoppers never have to worry about losing another receipt with 1receipt.”