Saturday, July 4, 2020

A quarter of workers feel their colleagues are slacking off when working remotely – new report by Zoom and Asana

According to the research, which surveyed working Australians on their attitudes towards remote working before the public health crisis hit, one in four Australian workers believed their colleagues were ‘slacking off’ when working remotely.

South Africa announces debt relief fund to help small businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis

The South African government has implemented various measures in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, many of which could negatively impact small businesses in the country.

E-commerce in Africa: Jack Ma says it’s “virgin land”, Releaf and Jumia (seem to be) struggling [BUSY DIGEST]

In this BusyDigest, we explore three recent news stories about e-commerce on the continent: Jack Ma says it's "virgin land", Releaf and Jumia struggle

Technology to empower your small business in the new financial year

Technology today is more accessible and affordable than ever before and can help small businesses work smarter in the new financial year.

Is anarchist revenge for violation of Black women the key to Black Power?

Black Power is the emergence of an ideologically, economically and militarily independent African state that can secure, guarantee, and avenge the freedom of Black people all over the world

Why COVID-19 is the perfect time to rebuild Australia as a digital leader

Seizing the chance to strengthen digital innovation in Australia could fuel its recovery from recession and bolster a diversity of industries in decades to come.

“Humannovation” is the key to success in the future of business

What if I told you there was a way to be human, to throw the transactional KPI’s out for a period of time and focus on human behaviour as the driver of business success?

New data shows pre-recorded webinars are on the rise – their global reach is doubling

The study also showed that simulated live webinars jumped to 17 per cent – up from 10 per cent a year ago – reflecting the increased interest in pre-recording sessions, and two in five webinar users (41 per cent) now pre-record video.

A closer look at the dark side of COVID-19 and consumerism

As global supply chains are reduced to minimise risk of loss, consumers might reduce e-commerce transactions with low-quality vendors for certain critical goods.

4 tips from an expert on how to plan effectively for the new financial year

Businesses can use UnLock funds, starting from $50,000 facility, immediately rather than dipping into their accounts before sales are acquired.

Key factors in achieving a compliant and efficient month-end, and EOFY

From my perspective as a managing director of a small to medium business, automation turns a stressful, tedious scramble into an efficient process.

Tips from an invoicing expert on how to make tax time a breeze this EOFY

By getting into good reporting habits with the help of online tools now, you might find yourself feeling a lot more organised by the time the new financial year rolls around.

Here are 5 top tips on how you can be a disruptor in a traditional industry

To disrupt an industry that pre-dates digital technology requires creativity and leadership with a strong vision.

9-step guide to minimise COVID-19 risks for employees returning to work

If businesses haven’t taken appropriate steps to minimise virus-related risks on-site, it could open them up to the risk of infections, Work Cover claims and negative publicity.

10 hacks to help you keep customers happy while they are waiting in line

Business owners need to minimise not only the actual wait time, but the perceived wait time.

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New software platform launched to help in predicting farm productivity

Drawing on data from the Bureau of Meterology ACCESS S global weather forecasting model, the Ag360™ platform can predict livestock and pasture performance up to six months ahead.