Monday, August 3, 2020

A quarter of workers feel their colleagues are slacking off when working remotely – new report by Zoom and Asana

According to the research, which surveyed working Australians on their attitudes towards remote working before the public health crisis hit, one in four Australian workers believed their colleagues were ‘slacking off’ when working remotely.

South Africa announces debt relief fund to help small businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis

The South African government has implemented various measures in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, many of which could negatively impact small businesses in the country.

E-commerce in Africa: Jack Ma says it’s “virgin land”, Releaf and Jumia (seem to be) struggling [BUSY DIGEST]

In this BusyDigest, we explore three recent news stories about e-commerce on the continent: Jack Ma says it's "virgin land", Releaf and Jumia struggle

How IT can prepare for assimilation of 5G – A Tech Marketing Director’s take

Enterprise IT will set the direction for business and the future of 5G, always going into the beyond with eyes wide open.

Businesses ordered to record phone calls: Is your industry next? – CallN

We shouldn’t view call recordings with mistrust and fear if they are implemented for positive and productive purposes.

Is the future of drone technology now? – Swoop Aero head weighs in

Going forward, the opportunities for drones and innovative technologies should go beyond delivering burritos — it should be about making a tangible positive impact on our world.

Smartphones are getting smarter: How the e-Sim is changing the way your phone works

Key stakeholders such as mobile networks have endorsed the advantages of eSIM and eSIM technology is increasingly found in a wide range of consumer products such as smartphones, wearables, and computers.

Antiquated beverages industry is getting a shake up by this tech player

Kaddy launched with the aim of becoming an online one-stop shop that eliminates a lot of the barriers and friction that suppliers and their trade customers face when trying to do business with one another.

Company risk revolution in the palm of your hand – mobile risk consulting

6clicks unites the input of those in control of the process and those users needing to follow through with activities and actions (treatment and controls for those playing at home).

How do I get the best foreign exchange rate? – Tips from Airwallex

While FX rates change minute by minute, some suppliers allow you to lock in FX rates when they’re favourable.

5 simple questions every CEO and Marketer must know the answers to

Without a thoroughly developed guiding brand and marketing strategy to underpin your marketing tactics, you are marketing by guesswork and without doubt, wasting hard earned and precious money.

Bring developers into the fold: Blending ‘business brains’ with ‘IT intelligence’ – Insight from GitHub

Driving organisation-wide collaboration, smashing any silos and adopting an innersourcing workflow will enable teams to deliver products and services more quickly than ever before.

Taking that exciting next step: How to know when it’s time to hire your first employee – six things to consider

By carefully planning and forecasting the upcoming months, asking yourself some crucial questions and answering them honestly and candidly, you’ll be able to assess the situation and hit the ground running, no matter what the coming months hold.

When should you re-brand? – A principal from BrandQuest weighs in

Again, your brand strategy, your brand vision (and in the case of BrandQuest Clients) your Brand CanvasTM should inform your objective decision-making.

Security Awareness Training is not a game, but it should be – Mimecast

Engage participants by employing humour and alternative content types like gamification.

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Milz Collection takes its fashion shopping digital amidst COVID-19

The Milz Collection is also set to offer its unique shopping experience through an official website for convenience.