Monday, September 28, 2020

A quarter of workers feel their colleagues are slacking off when working remotely – new report by Zoom and Asana

According to the research, which surveyed working Australians on their attitudes towards remote working before the public health crisis hit, one in four Australian workers believed their colleagues were ‘slacking off’ when working remotely.

South Africa announces debt relief fund to help small businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis

The South African government has implemented various measures in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, many of which could negatively impact small businesses in the country.

E-commerce in Africa: Jack Ma says it’s “virgin land”, Releaf and Jumia (seem to be) struggling [BUSY DIGEST]

In this BusyDigest, we explore three recent news stories about e-commerce on the continent: Jack Ma says it's "virgin land", Releaf and Jumia struggle

Playing to your strengths in a business partnership – Good Things

A lot of what makes co-founders work is being self-aware of your own knowledge, skill, or experience gaps and the potential capability of other people who can fill them, whether it’s your business partner or even another member in your team.

COVID-19 victims & recoverees alike require psychosocial support from those around them

Therefore, training caregivers, health workers, immediate family, and the general public on how to give psychosocial support to the COVID-19 patients and recovered victims needs to be done as a matter of urgency to help provide hope for recovery.

Smart technology is changing how people think about the office space

Implementing smart technology into the workplace will not only lead to easier transitions as we return to work, but in the long run, save energy and costs by creating a more sustainable business model.

Visibility, collaboration and empowerment – breaking down siloes with unified and self-service IT

And to empower the united IT team that’s being challenged by accelerated transformation, increasing cyber threats and a remote workforce amidst the coronavirus pandemic, the deployment of self-service technologies is critical.

How to use Artificial Intelligence to gain customers and keep clients

The smaller competitive industries are keeping up with technology, saving money and keeping their customers happy.

Do troubling times warrant a new breed of leader? – Just Imagine

The qualities of leadership reflect the essence of who a person really is… something to take into consideration in our search for leaders in these troubling times.

Talent tips for employers facing new hurdles with JobKeeper reductions

Whether your business is just surviving or starting to rebound, having the ability to identify and retain good talent has never been more important.

Marketing your business in the midst of COVID-19: Tips to keep you afloat

Useful marketing tips and strategies can do wonders for you in this pandemic, and you must focus on finding and creating new ways to stay in the market for as long as you can.

3 depreciation mistakes that could cost property investors thousands

Property investors should look to contact a specialist quantity surveyor for advice on what deductions are available for their individual circumstances.

How do I get the best foreign exchange rate? – Tips from Airwallex

While FX rates change minute by minute, some suppliers allow you to lock in FX rates when they’re favourable.

5 simple questions every CEO and Marketer must know the answers to

Without a thoroughly developed guiding brand and marketing strategy to underpin your marketing tactics, you are marketing by guesswork and without doubt, wasting hard earned and precious money.

Bring developers into the fold: Blending ‘business brains’ with ‘IT intelligence’ – Insight from GitHub

Driving organisation-wide collaboration, smashing any silos and adopting an innersourcing workflow will enable teams to deliver products and services more quickly than ever before.

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