Thursday, December 3, 2020

A quarter of workers feel their colleagues are slacking off when working remotely – new report by Zoom and Asana

According to the research, which surveyed working Australians on their attitudes towards remote working before the public health crisis hit, one in four Australian workers believed their colleagues were ‘slacking off’ when working remotely.

South Africa announces debt relief fund to help small businesses weather the COVID-19 crisis

The South African government has implemented various measures in order to slow the spread of COVID-19, also known as Coronavirus, many of which could negatively impact small businesses in the country.

E-commerce in Africa: Jack Ma says it’s “virgin land”, Releaf and Jumia (seem to be) struggling [BUSY DIGEST]

In this BusyDigest, we explore three recent news stories about e-commerce on the continent: Jack Ma says it's "virgin land", Releaf and Jumia struggle

Strategic Marketing Partnerships for brands amidst the “New Normal”

In the first quarter of 2020, MultiChoice Uganda formed a partnership with Jumia Uganda, meant to broaden our offering to our customers, to aid them have access to MultiChoice Uganda merchandise via the Jumia platform.

Unlocking the business benefits of renewable energy – WePower head

The advent of blockchain-powered online marketplaces with standardised contract architecture means that smaller business owners can strike a deal for power procurement in a relatively short timeframe as well - weeks rather than the months or years that PPAs typically traverse.

Why retailers looking for staff with experience have their priorities wrong

A person who is bright, bubbly and friendly is more suited to working in retail than someone who is standoffish, reserved and a poor communicator.

APM: The CIO’s best friend for remote work… and beyond?

Throughout the pandemic, APM has proved invaluable to IT’s efforts to extend visibility and remotely track, trace, and rectify user application issues on-premises, cloud, SaaS, and at the edge.

Playing to your strengths in a business partnership – Good Things

A lot of what makes co-founders work is being self-aware of your own knowledge, skill, or experience gaps and the potential capability of other people who can fill them, whether it’s your business partner or even another member in your team.

The moral dilemma of sustainable packaging during a global pandemic

There needs to be more innovation in packaging development and collaboration between recycling companies and providers.

4 effective tactics to include in your guerilla marketing strategy to increase brand awareness

If you’ve been at the helm of your online business for a while now, chances are you’ve run through all the conventional...

Digital Marketing: Adding method to the Black Friday madness – GoDaddy

With changing consumer habits and the proliferation of eCommerce and social media, retailers are now able to promote their Black Friday offerings well ahead of the big day itself.

5 steps to growing your business revenue – Insight from HashChing

As the economy takes a turn for the worse, many SMEs are understandably concerned about the impact that this will have on...

4 ways government IT can excel in Hybrid Data Center Management

Nurture team interest in greater cybersecurity hygiene; implement automated monitoring and alerts; prioritise disaster backup and recovery… and the bulk of the remaining efforts can fall into place with team focus and upskilling.

COVID-19: The need for business risk management and continuity plans for SMEs – Insight from Centenary Bank

Whether you hire say, an in-house risk management staff or you work with a third-party vendor, you are going to need a team in place that can bounce into action when a disaster strikes.

Winning back lost customers and driving new loyalty – MultiChoice UG

A business’ offering to customers must provide value for money – customers are willing to spend only where they are assured of value for the money they are going to spend.

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Centenary Bank sinks UGX 496Million into the Masaza Cup Tournament

The 2020 Masaza Cup tournament is set to commence on 12th December at the FUFA Technical Center in Njeru, Buikwe district, an activity that will only be televised for fans to watch on-screen, unlike in the past where crowds gathered to support their clan teams.